Space Audio Subwoofer for sale


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Nov 9, 2008
Gurgaon, Haryana
I am not sure if it is a violation for this forum policies to put items for sale. But I have few items for hi-fi audio/video and I do not know of any other place better than this forum to post those items. I apologize if it is against the policies.

Space Audio Subwoofer: Product10
Asking price: Rs 11,000

Denon 1930 CI DVD Player (Greatt audio and video). Denon 1940 CI retails for Rs 31,900 at ProFX showroom in Barton Center, Bangalore
My Asking price: Rs 14,000

Sony NC600 5 disc Dvd changer / player
Sony DVP-NC600 Multi-disc DVD Player Details and Product Specifications -
Asking Price: 4000
Space Audio sub is 3 years old but not used much because I had to move into a very small house and it was little too overwhelming (to my ears) for a 100 sq ft room. [Condition: 8.5/10]

Denon DVD player is one year old. Again, sparingly used. [ Condition: almost 10/10]

Sony 5 disc DVD is around 5 years old, moderately used (used rarely after I bought denon dvd) and in great condition. No remote though. [Condition: 8.5/10]

As you might imagine, all are premium products and for me, the performance has been exactly the same as it was on day one. You are welcome to personally audition all the devices at any time. If I were you, I would! :)
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