speaker upgrade philip MCD190


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Aug 9, 2009

Started going thru various forums on this site 3 weeks ago. Already a big fan.

Am a novice and please bear with me if you find the question silly.
Have philips mcd190 micro system. Want to replace the two speakers with some real ones. Can I get some advice on how to go about it?.
I see that each of the two current speakers are connected using two red-black wires. Guess that makes them passive and the amp built into the micro system should be good enough in driving the speakers.
Have a budget of 16k. Tower speakers look(like I said, am still a novice) cool. Interested in playing movies, mp3 and using the system as AUX for my sony TV.

IMHO these amps are not very good ... sorry to sound harsh but 500 W PMPO @ 10% THD is worse than Real 5 W RMS

You can check with norge buy decent matched pair of amp and bookshelfs and it can be first step towads sonic nirvana

As source you can use existing DVD player

or what other stuff you have like PC, CD player ,DVD player ETC?

or you can get by used route where this amount can fetch you a decent 2 channel rig!
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What hemant has give you is a very good option.If you buy either BS or FS and connect it to your system you will regret the decision immediately I have heard the Norge amp and it sounds good.The products and the company enjoy a good reputation on the forum.Here is the site address.


Contact them thro phone or drop a mail stating your budget for an amp and BS ,they will give you the correct options.

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