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Nov 7, 2008
Hi guys,

As my name suggests i'm new to thus amazing world of audio.

I'm, planning to invest about 2 lakhs for a 5.1 audio system with ampli. Want the front speakers to be towers. Have heard the Mordaunt-Short mezzo 6 and was astounded. My main use will be for music (classical) and will also watch DVDs once a while.

My entertainment room is only about 15' x 10' (what else can u expect in Mumbai).

All you audiophiles pls help me choose something within this price range.

Also planning to buy a 37" LCD but can't choose the best TV and the specs are confusing.
LostWorld, welcome to the forum.

I'm, planning to invest about 2 lakhs for a 5.1 audio system with ampli.

There is no such thing as a 5.1 'audio' system. If you want pure audio, you would have to stick to a stereo or two channel system and use a CD Player as your source. A stereo system consists of a CD Player, a two channel amplifier, and just two speakers. The CD Player (CDP) or the amplifier does digital to analogue conversion, but does not undertake any other decoding. The amplifier, amplifies the data coming from the CDP and sends it to the two speakers. A stereo amplifier can either be integrated or have a separate pre-amplifier and a power amplifier.

A 5.1 system is what is called Audio-Video system, and the amplifier for this is generally called a Audio-Video Receiver, or AVR. An AVR's main job is to decode the multiple sound signals that are recorded for movies such as DTS, Dolby etc (there are about 40 such signals codes), amplify multiple channels and send the sound to either a 5.1 system or a 7.1 system. It also decodes video signals for sending to the TV or other display systems.

Thus the two systems undertake completely different tasks.

Also planning to buy a 37" LCD but can't choose the best TV and the specs are confusing.

I am assuming this is part of the 2 lakhs. So you can set aside about 75,000 for the TV. You have about 1.25 lakhs for the rest of the system.

All you audiophiles pls help me choose something within this price range.

Based on what I mentioned above, if you bring a little bit more clarity to what you are looking for, we can certainly help.

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Thanks mate,

The LCD is not part of the budget of 2 lacs. Thanks for clearing the audio video part. So i still need advice what "mix and match" 5.1 AV speakers and ampli sud i opt for?
If your budget is 2L, you can have a look at following packages each about 1.3 L and 1.5 L-

B&W 685( 1.3L) or 684(floorstanders front)

Dali Ikon 6 package ( ?1.4-1.5L)

KEF HT 3005SE (95k)

All above are award winning packages; audtion each .

For amplifier/reciever (7.1 ch) :-

Onkyo 606(36k)
Denon 1909(42k)
Denon 2309(46k)
Yamaha 663(42k)
Yamaha 863(62k)
Onkyo 875(90k)
(pls correct me in prices anyone)

and so on..

This is the shortcut to close the deal at one go !!!
This is for assuming you want a Home theater setum and not a plain stereo package of 2 spks and one amplifier.

A more slow but more enticing way would be to search separate components and build a system but that will take time.
Like if you like Mezzo 6 try to think what other components will go well with it.
Or hear more spks costing same as mezzo 6 (ex- MA RS 6) and then decide.

Add for cables, power conditioning etc and you would have spent 2L.

Don't forget to account for speaker cable, analog/digital interconnects, stands for bookshelf speakers and so on. This can be a significant portion.

I am curious to know if you, as more of a music listener than movie watcher, are considering 5.1 for applications such as SACD-surround. If not, I agree with Venkat that this is a serious compromise. 2 lakhs would get you a wonderful setup for pure stereo that would be miles ahead of what an AV receiver can offer.

Do not discount "seconds" if it means sweet deals like:
Let me elaborate on what Particleman has said.

Pure audio, music, songs, or whatever you want to call them is available on Compact Discs called Redbook format. The music is stored in two channel format. It is mixed in such as way that the voice of the main singer or sound of the main instrument will seem to come from between the speakers while the sound of accompanying instruments come all over the stage.

A good CDP and two channel amplifier (integrated or pre/power) will usually focus on recreating the sound truthfully and with as much transparency as possible. The idea is to make the music sound as close to the sound of the origin as possible. This combination usually perform quite well as they don't have the overheads an AVR has.

In the recent past, some music such as Orchestral number have been recorded or mixed in 5.1 channels. Though these kinds of mixtures are also supposed to have a regular Redbook format. usually they don't. These kinds of music called Super Audio CD (SACD) or DVD-Audio (DVD-A). Unfortunately there is a war going on between these formats, and not too many media is available at prices low enough for one of the formats to become popular. So the bulk of the music is still in Redbook format. Of course, the Redbook music can be stored on computer based formats, but again to play these you need a good two channel amplifier and a good Digital to Analog converter (DAC).

That is about pure music.

5.1/7.1 systems form part of Home Theater system or HT system. As I said before, to recreate the sound of a cinema hall, the sound of movies is stored in various formats such as DTS, Dolby, THX etc. You need a DVD Player and an AVR to play these surround sound into a 5.1 or 7.1 speaker set up. The primary task of such systems is to decode the surround sound of movies and play them for you. Dialogues are focussed on the Center Channel, while the rest of sound is distributed in accordance with the movie scene.

Makers of AVRs do not expect such system to be used for pure music. So some corners are cut, and an AVR can never recreate pure music as well as a two channel or stereo system can do.

So if you want to hear just good music it is better to stick to a stereo system. Using an AVR and a DVD Player for just music will be a compromise as Particleman has said.

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Hey Lost World

Welcome to the forum Buddy...!!!

Have a nice stay here...!!!

Now, i think you are very clear with Venky's (vankatcr) first post in your thread, of what exactly the systems are...

In Short the 5.1/7.1 is actually the Home Theatre what everyone calls as, and the Stereo Setup what is there for pure music lovers...

Now, as you said in your posts, that you are looking at something keen into music, and DVD's/Movies, will come occasionally...then buddy you should not be looking at the 5.1 Setup...
Ya, you may be thinking the better the number of speakers the better the sound be, but for that you need to do some study, and please search some posts/threads in this forum, that states that, as if i write it out here that will be too long, and instead same, what has already been mentioned by the Gurus out here...

Anyways, Mordaunt Short - Mezzo Series, is one good among what you should go in for, with the decent Integrated Amplifier, from Cambridge Audio, supplied by the same Fx-Entertainment or Rhythm Corner, where ever you have auditioned MS-Mezzo, but i think Rhythm Corner dont have Mezzo out there in there showroom...

Anyways, now, regarding the LCD...again there will be a fight out here if you say you gonna get LCD and that too 37"...
Bro, just two point to finish this LCD - Plasma War...
1). Buy LCD, only if you are buying 32" or Lower, or If you are purchasing a flat panel for Data Use only...
2). If your viewing distance is less than 10-11 feets...if its below 10 feets, than go in for 37 or 32...but if its 10 feet as well than dont think anything else than a 42" Plasma...

Now, if you want more specifications, on LCD & Plasma, then please visit 'N' number of threads/posts out on this website..

Now, the few most important points...:
1). Cables - They are the nerves of the System, any quality neglegence will bitter your listening experience..
My preference would be :
a). Usher - 16 Gauge - Rs.180 per mtr... (Good One)
b). QED - Silver Gauge - Rs.150 per mtr...
c). Monster - S-16 - Rs.150 per mtr...
The reference is not because i sell them, but as they are really good...

2). Interconnects - Dont use any interconnects in your system until n unless, you need to remove the cables daily from your speakers...
Remember, any joints in between the signals, create signal loss...So avoid them...

Now, one more thing, as you have a good budget, then dont intend to spend all of it, as its been suggested by your sales person...
Please go through its utility...And for your room size, you basically dont require that big setup...

Instead get a Full HD Plasma...

Sorry, forgot to mention, Please get a good CDP not DVD for music...
The terms are well being explained by Venkat...

Go in for Cambridge Audio or ......

So start auditioning all and Best of luck for your system...
I checked out the Mezzo speakers at "The Shop" in Andheri. It was really breath-taking. The thing is i waited and saved 2 lacs just for this day when i can invest in some serious audio speakers and ampli. I think i will still go the 5.1 as few movies are supposed to be enjoyed on 5.1. I will emphasize on the 2.1 to get the best of both world.

Do u guys have good news abt PSB speakers? I have yet to hear them but checked "What Hi-Fi" website and they don't have much 2 say about them.

I have made a list of few Hi-end audio shops and will try to visit them and see what they can offer. Very aprehensive as the dealers have their own priorities.

I wud like to thank all the members for the excellent support and pls keep the comments flowing. Will keep u'll updated with the latest as i explore this wonderful world of magic.
check out the monitor audio rs6 speakers as well. as for amplifiers the nads and cambridge are good. if its in your budget you could go a step higher and check out the arcam amplifiers as well. my motto - within your budget, less quantity is more quality. and thats what matters. its not about watts or number of speakers. its about sitting down and listening to it and being able to enjoy it to the maximum
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