Speakers choice question.. Canton GLE or Monitor Audio BR 5 or Jamo 607?


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Feb 5, 2010
Hi, i'm new to the hi-fi world, and after reading alot online, i finally decided to ask for advice here ;)

I'd like to buy a simple hi-fi system, mainly for music and movies (middle sized room). This hi-fi set would be composed of:
- 2 floostandin spekers
- stereo amplifier or A/V amplifier

According to my budget, I'm considering the following speakers:
- Canton GLE 490 (3 way, 150W, 90db, 20-30k Hz)
- Monitor Audio Bronze Reference 5 (3 way, 130W, 90db, 36-30k Hz)
- Jamo C 607 (3 way, 150W, 89db, 32-20k Hz) - a bit more expensive
- Mordaunt-Short Aviano 6 ( 2 way, 150W, 88db, 38-22k Hz)

About the amplifier...
- Harman Kardon 3490 (2x 120w @8ohms lots of imput/output...)
- Marantz 6003 (2x45 w, not so powerful?)
- Denon AVR 1910 (7x 90w very nice one)
- Pioneer VSX 919 (7x 140w)

Among these possible choices, what's the best pairing? I don't need the very best quality on the market, but some nice hi-fi to enjoy music form CDs, DVDs, and pc. Feel free to suggest other speakers/amp setup, my budget is about 1000-1100 euros..

Thanks for your replies ;)
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Welcome to HFV. Saw your queries in the other forum too.

For speakers, I would lean mostly on the BR5 and the Aviano paired with the PM6003.

I read every kind of positive review about the Avianos and the MA Bronze 5, but I still can't find some serious opinion about the Canton GLE. I have faith in the brand and they seem to have a great price/performance ratio. That's why I'm still dubious and can't decide...

Speaking of the amp, is the marantz that good? I know they make some of the best amps on the market, but this seems quite a entry level amplifier and lacks some input ports i'd like to have (digital optical, HDMI). That's why I included the Harman Kardon hi-fi amp, which "looks" (regarding the specs) much more high-end.

Anyway, if you tell me the difference in sound quality is noticeable, I'd just go for the best pairing, ignoring secondary features.
Yes, the PM6003 would have excellent synergy with the Aviano 6 and the BR5. The 6003 is indeed a very good integrated amp, very musical and does the duty of a stereo well, an award winner too. Any day, I would pair the Marantz with the above said speakers. But, I would strongly urge you to have a demo of the said amp and spealers before taking the plunge.

Having said that, the HK you're talking about, I've never heard them, yes, they might have plenty of features, but it all comes down to the SQ, right ?

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Hi there go with morduant and Pioneer, I have one of the LX series of pioneer its sounds great and with morduant they are excellent 150 watts x 7. with enough HDMI and optic ports on them.


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Ok.. I'm slowly leaning towards the Marantz PM6003 (a lot of people suggested the same kit).

I also found a Marantz SR 5023 which seems to have similar features and specs to the PM6003... Can someone tell me the differences between these? I get that the 6003 il just an amplifier while the 5023 is a stereo receiver with tuner...

If i'm not mistaken, I listened to a Marantz 6003 (or very similar, it was quite a while ago) with a pair of Focal Electra floorstanding speakers.. and they were great..

Again, thanks for your advice ;)
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b.next - welcome to Hifivision!

I have lived with the Canton GLE 470 for about a month. It is an amazing loudspeaker for the money. If you are into energetic music, then this speaker is all you would need. No need for a subwoofer.

However I would think twice before pairing this with a Marantz - the combination may be extremely excitable. So, do listen to different combinations before deciding.

If I was going for floorstanders and was after the biggest sounding speakers with commanding base performance then the Canton GLE would take the cake.

On the other hand, if I were to look for delicacy and midrange resolution as the most important aspects then the Jamo Concert series would be the one I would pick.

The Monitor Audio BR5 is out of its depth in this company. However it is still a very good speaker. I am afraid I have not heard the Aviano to comment upon that.

Lastly if it is value for money that you are looking, then too, the Canton would win you over. You get a lot of speaker for your money and they are extremely sensitive as well. 90 db/w if I remember right.
thanks for your reply! Hearing some real life experience helps me a lot!
(and I'll go listen to the amp-speaker combination for sure before buying)

I'm not looking for huge power and strenght, but your impression of the Canton GLE seems very positive ;) - and they are cheap! -

On the other hand I'm looking forward to listening the M-S Aviano 6 and M-S Avant 916i (same price range).

I got negative comments about Klipsch (RF series) for Hi-fi, though they seem very nice for Home theater. I'm confused about the Jamo C607, as they received contrasting opinions.

I'm sure that trying some of these combinations will help..
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