Speakers for NAD 3045 Vintage


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Mar 19, 2020
Hello experts!
Looking for valuable suggestions from all. I have a NAD 3045 amplifier and looking for some decent speakers to go with it. I have a 5.1 Denon + Polk set up already but this one is for more personal listening. I prefer a pair of book shelfs, musical/natural side and not too warm. Please suggest as I am open for used ones as well.

NAD 3045 is a wonderful amp. I grew up with this at home when I was a kid. Smooth, warm, tube-like sound. I believe it is 45Wx2 @ 8 Ohms so not a very powerful sound. My dad had a Spendor LS speaker with it and the pair sounded lush and syrupy for lack of better word! I remember it used to get quite hot. I loved the VU meters as a kid and still do now!

If you like musical bookshelves that are brightish/forward, then Dali, B&W, PSB, KEF, Fyne Audio, Monitor Audio, Polk bookshelves comes to mind based on your budget. If you are ok with a very forward, slightly peaky treble, then Klipsch, Focal or Triangle. Stay away from Q Acoustics, Wharfedale, Castle, Dynaudio, Elac as these are laid-back speakers or speakers that require a lot of power and it would sound quite boring with your vintage NAD. Look for a speaker with minimum impedence not less than 6 Ohms and sensitivity not less than 86-87dBm.

Dali Spektor or Zensor 3, KEF Q150/350, Monitor Audio Bronze 2, Fyne Audio F300/301, B&W 685, PSB Alpha P5, Polk Rti A3 are some speakers that you can consider. Audition it with your amp as it has a very distinctive sound and see if the pairing is to your liking.

Thanks Shyam!
Yes I really like the sound of this tubelike amp. To me the world goes slow whenever I listen to it :) and I like that. Yes I am looking for something on the very efficient side as the power is less and its fine as I have a small listening area.

Thanks for your valuable suggestions as you have already experienced this amp. I am also fine with the used ones. I need to keep a watch on the classified section.

Happy listening!
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