Subwoofer 12-13K budget?


Nov 18, 2009
New Delhi (South)

My current setup is:
Denon AVR-590 receiver
Energy Take 5.0 satellites

I am looking for a sub to complement these in the 12-13K budget. Do you guys have any recommendations?

p.s. I am in Delhi so it should be available here locally.
^ Thanks!

Any idea where I can audition them in Delhi? Also any particular model numbers to look at? I think in Polk, the PSW110 would be around my budget, right? What about in Jamo?
Checked out Polk PSW110 - not superbly impressed, but I think it may do. Now waiting on them to work out the best price. The sub is enormous btw!
Bought the psw110 for 10.5k! (With Bill and warranty!) I read a few reviews and they were all unanimously saying that the sub "opens up" after a few hours of usage (which as it so happens even my energy take classic 5.0 speakers require as per their own manual) - so looking forward to that!
@bobhere28, I got this from Sight & Sound India in G.K. I, M-Block Market. Don't bother looking for their phone numbers as their website doesn't have one and justdial has the wrong numbers.

@spirovious, unfortunately I am pretty much a novice in HT terms (this being my first HT), so I wouldn't know how to really review as I have no comparative frame of reference.

@iaudio, it's basically in a room which is 12 x 18ft.
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