Subwoofers: Monitor Audio RS W12 vs DefTech Supercube 2


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Feb 6, 2007

I am using a Def Tech Supercube 2 subwoofer along with the Monitor Audio RS6 fronts. I am in the process of buying MA RS center (RS-LCR) and surround (RS-FX) speakers. I am getting a great deal, if I buy the complete RS1 package. I can easily use the extra RS1 pair for my rear surrounds once I move to the HD audio formats in near future.

What I need to know is that if anyone could compare the two sub-woofers. There is very little on the web in terms of comparing MA RS-W12 with DefTech Supercube. This might be due to the fact that one of them is from US, while the other comes from UK.
If there is anyone on this forum who has heard these two subs in action, it would be great if you could share your views here.


With all due respect to MA-RSW12, I would say, stick with Supercube.

I have heard both at different occations and can anyday vouch for Supercubes. Although I have not heard the cube2, I have experienced their Reference model and was throughly impressed with the performance.

RSW12 is no way a bad sub, its just that, it wouldnt give you the deapth and scale of the Supercubes.

Try to audition both yourself if that is possible.

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Thanks unleash_me!
The specs do reconfirm your views. The MA RS W12 does only 21Hz, where as the Supercube2 goes down to 14Hz, has a more powerful amp and better controls to play around with. I'll keep the Supercube.

I have a question about the rear surrounds in a 7.1 setup. If I am using dipolar surrounds on the side, should I use bipolars on the rear, or monopoles would be fine.

Hello Sharad,

Here are the answers to your questions;

1. Dipoles go on the sides.
2. Bipoles go on the rear (ideal if you enjoy music and movies equally)
3. Monopoles are ideally kept slightly ahead (if there is no backspace behind you) OR behind the seating positions at a min of 5ft. height pointed at the listner(behind the seating position on either sides + higher the positioning if that is possible)

Monopoles are best for multi-channel music reproduction as it gives better seperation and imaging. BUT they are not really a good option for surrounds as the listner sitting close to either of the monoploles will hear higher volumes on the respective channels which will take the focus away from the main speakers.

All the best.
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