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May 16, 2017
Hi All,

Needed some bit of advise. I am planning to purchase my 1st Home theatre system and scouting for the same (Location: Mumbai). Till now, have visited the Viola & The Shop (Both Andheri W), Profx (Worli) and The Audiomaxx Warehouse (Mulund W).

At Viola was suggested the following config

1. Klipsch G16 with G12 Sourround; R10SW, Marantz NR1607, klipsch 2650 in-ceiling pair, panasonic blueray bd84 - approx 2.5lac
2. focal dome, all others including R10sw same as above - 2.2lac

At The Shop

1. Q Acoustic 7000i, Denon AVR X1300 - approx 1.65l
2. Paradigm Milenia LP, Denon AVR X1300 - approx 2.25l
3. Klipsch Quintet, Denon AVR X1300 - apporx 1.5l

At the Warehouse,
1. Polk RTi A7 with Yamaha Amp & R10Sw/or Polk SW - cost to come

At Pro FX
1. KEF Q900 series - cost to come

Do note, all the quotes are pre-negotiations (what should be a negotiation margin one should look at?)

I am going to set this up in my living room TV Zone (L-shaped area) - area should be approx. 250-275 sq. ft. My usage pattern - 50-50 for Movies & Music. Rarely would be using a joystick.

Sitting area distance from TV, I guess would be approx 8ft (will share the dimensions shortly) - I guess Towers can also be fitted in. I have 5 cats at my home, so was avoiding towers initially. So of all the demos that I took, loved Q A7000i & Paradigm Milenia (However the setup at The Shop was super). Did like the Klipsch G17/12 setup (maybe slightly loud/bright, but really nice). Focal Dome is the confusing one - in terms of melody, I found this to beat everyone hands down, beautiful sweetness, but maybe lacked a bit of thump. So would that be a big compromise. The Polk personally for my preference was loud and definitely did not do justice to music. Tried a couple of other Floorstanders (from Polk T & Signature series) but they just were not upto the mark. The KEF was good, but an expensive proposition. Do suggest what to try, is it a universal rule that Towers are always better than Bookshelfs for the same buck. Also for Amp, I'm an amateur, so really do not know which one to go for. Strangely, tilting towards the Marantz even if it is pricier spec to spec than a Yamaha or a Denon.
R10SW, would it suffice or do i need something meatier as have heard many reviews on R10 being an underperformer.

Over to the final point, my budget overall including speakers, amp, subs would be around 2l (+/-50k including in-ceilings) - what & where shall I hunt with this? Also since I am planning to buy a new TV, should I cut some corner by going for a VU/LeeEco/Llyod 55 4K TV & add it to HT? TV anyways will plug only with an Apple TV or Amazon Stick. Viola sells Vu and to tell the truth, I found the image quality to be quite impressive (definitely not a Sony but comparable to the others) - given the rate difference, is it advisable?

Thanks Guys, hope would get some really good advise here :)