suggest me a total set up


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Aug 11, 2007
hi pal i got kenwood x9090d thx select 2 receiver (120wx7), kenwood 7.1 satilite speakers with jamo s408 replacing the front satilites and jamo sub 200 as sub woofer.

now i like to go for a dedicated home theatre room. so please suggest me room dimensions for above receiver,and i like to replace the satilite surround speaker and center speakers so suggest me the speakers too.can be mid-hi end budget
From what I have been able to understand from you message, you are planning to keep the Jamo s408 replacing the front satellites and Jamo sub 200 as sub woofer. So when you replace the Kenwood satellites, please look for a jamo speaker matching the specs of the S408 and Sub 200. It is always better to have all speakers from the same company for what is called 'timber matching'. When all the speakers are matched this way, you will get better sound across all channels.

Regarding your room size, that is a slightly difficult question to answer. Usually people come and say - we have this room what equipment do we buy? You are saying just the opposite !!! Interesting !!!

The room size can be based upon the screen size that you are planning. The rule of thumb is that you should sit at a distance which is four times the size of the screen. So if you have a 32 inch screen you distance from the screen must be 128 inches or 10.6 feet. Add another three or four feet behind you, and you the length of the room.

If you visit Home Theater Speaker Placement Guide, they will show you how to calculate the placement of the right and left speakers. If you add say 1.5 feet between the left speakers, the right speaker and the corresponding walls, you have the width of the room.
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