Suggest Micro / Mini Hi-Fi System for Bedroom


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Mar 10, 2008
Hi Guys,

Planning to buy good Micro / Mini Hi-Fi system for bedroom, looking for all in one kind of.. DVD/CD/MP3/Divx/Tuner, with decent sound, which I can connect to my LCD to watch DVD or play music, is Sony good? or Onkyo? Onkyo I think DVD is not there. Budget between 15k - 20k. Please suggest if any other brand is good & available in Mumbai.


I think DR-815 doesn't come with speakers & it's expensive too. Is CS-V720 available here in India? Any price Idea?

There is one philips wall mount system,and with subwoofer ( included) gives decent sound...
Are there any space constraints
Why not attach a DVD Player with Tuner like Samsung DVD-P480R to Norge amp and Low prised bookshelf speakers - the sound will be killing!If you are comfortable you can o for used stuff also - which can be easily fitted in your budget
You will have
Remote control
Additional inputs For LCD + ipod Etc

In your budget this system fits - it has even I pod Dock

LG FB 163

LG J10HD Audio Music Systems- Premium Design Hard Disc Audio with 300w rms | LG Electronics
Less than a year ago I auditioned a Teac CR-H250. Its an excellent all in one player (the older models 220 and 240 were good but had some quality issues). If you can snare one of these from ebay then its still better. Beats the LG/Samsung choices very easily.
The Philips Hi Fi hemantwaghe has recommended is very good. There are 6 models from Philips that allow wall mounting. Do take a look at Philips MCD988/98, MCD289/98 & MCD388/98. These are three models I found on their website. MCD988/98 is the most up to date model.

If wall mounting is not a priority do take a look at Philips MCD802/98.

Do not touch Sony Hi Fi sold in India.
I have heard one of their Wood Cone based Micro Hi Fi Systems & it was very good but at a huge Rs. 42000. Its a little too much for Micro Hi Fi. Being Micro Hi Fi and with small speaker drivers & no external sub woofer the Bass was also very weak at low volumes.
42 K is too high ,see if you get Teac
Yes wood cone speaker is over markated once - never seen anything in india.
If you already have a good main system, you can also consider buying an ipod and an ipod dock system. That not only gives you an ipod, but also a portable system which you can take it anywhere in ur house as well as terrace/garden.
...or WD TV HD, if you have a TV in the bedroom.
You would need to buy a budget amp and speakers too.

I have iPod dock, so not looking for that right now & yes space is little problem for the same reason I would like to go for decent Micro System for bedroom in the range of 15k max. Will check Philips. I don't wish to go for diff. amp & other components. Better I would like to go for Micro all in one with at least 100 or more RMS. Thnx guys for the suggestion.
.... I would like to go for decent Micro System for bedroom in the range of 15k max....I don't wish to go for diff. amp & other components. Better I would like to go for Micro all in one with at least 100 or more RMS.

This one's gonna be tough! IMO one practical setup in this budget could be the Audioengine A2 with a Samsung DVD-P480R.

Audioengine is a good option.
There is one Hivi Swans Mark II which is also a good option at lower price.
These are active speakers and do not require external amp.


Hifi systems from Philips/Sony/etc will not give you 100 w rms with low distortion.
If you check their ratings it would somethign like 125 W rms at 10% THD.

10% THD!!!
At that levels of distortion, you won't enjoy music at all.
What 125W rms at 10% THD actually means is that they are probably no more than 15-20W at 1%THD. (Now that is much more acceptable level of harmonic distortion, but of course at lower power)
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Which is the best place in Mumbai to get this components, I mean Audioengine or HiVi Swans?
For excellent sound that won't break the bank, the 5 Star Award Winning Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 Bookshelf Speakers is the one to consider!