T.A.C.-834 tube amp - anyone heard this, or heard about this?


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Sep 6, 2008
New Delhi, India
hi Everyone,
Has anyone heard this amp? Can someone compare it to other tube amps - like lyrita? This seems to have much higher power rating of 80W +80W - is high power in tubes amps a bad thing?

Technical data T.A.C.-834
Power Rating RMS 4-8 ohm : 80 W+
Inputs : 4x RCA
Output : 2x3 Speaker Clamps (4-8 ohms)
Amplifier Linear : 16Hz-100kHz 1.5dB
THK : <1%
S/N :> 91dB
Input impedance: 100 kOhm
Output Load Impedance : 4 or 8 ohms
Tubes preamplifier : 2x 12AX7 / 2x 12AU7
Power Tube : 8x EL34A
Power Supply : 230 V / 50 hertz
Dimensions (WxHxD): 430 x 180 x 270 mms
Weight: 23 kg
Color: Chrome
80 W (0dB, RMS)
nopes! what's the company making it? listen to the lyrita first! the 2A3 tube in the SET amp is a really good tube. i hope you know that different tubes themselves have different sounds? am glad to confuse the issue even further :p
I second stevieboy on this try out lyrita. I currently recommend that brand blindly to anybody
thanks. I was at Viren's place last to last week and have posted my impressions. I really liked the system and would purchase it as and when money allows it.
It seems I would have to junk my current speakers and get a complete setup from Viren, to get the max out of his system.

thanks unleah - have seen these but couldn't find any reviews. Maybe the people who buy them are too busy to post a review :)
Its not just the 91dB thats suspect, its also the power rating. That seems way on the higher side if they are running the tubes that hot your tube life will be reduced, you might have a high maintenance amp on your hands.

kuchh samajh nahi aaya :cool:

I assume you would be able to pull 80 watts out of four EL34s in a P-P (8 valves total) without too much of a hassle. Yes it's pretty close to the dissipation limit of 25 watts per tube, but I suspect with a high enough plate voltage you should be able to get it to work without punching a hole in the cathode. I would look at 375-400V on the plate, and about 50-60mA operating current. Should be right in the 20-22 watt range, and much lower than the max plate current of 140mA. This will not be detrimental to tube life, hopefully. Not too different from manufacturers who put 10A devices into a 100 watt amplifer, not very nice, is that?
Vincent is a decent name in tube amp design - A german company with manuf facility in China. Shengya is the local brand name. I have heard other Vincent amps but not this particular one.

Hi - Fi World May) - page 61

gives a review (take it with a grain of salt as any other review as VIncent may be offering lots of Euros as marketing for this mag)

Generally speaking VIncent is a mid range amp developer that has a decent following and I have seen people use the tube amps with Klipsch, Rega, Swan, Sierra and SVS speakers.
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