Technically Challenged


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Aug 14, 2009
staunton, va
I'm looking for a system under 800.00 comparable to Yamaha YHT-591. I would purchase separate components if I knew what I was doing. I like the Fluance speakers and Onkyo receivers. My goal is to use the system for the 42" LCDTV, listen to large collection of music and watch DVD's with surround sound. I also interested in HDMI connections for both audio and video. All help will be greatly appreciated.

I know very little about HDMI, etc. I simply know what I enjoy. All help will be greatly appreciated.
What is your location Canada? Any canadian sites? IMHO forums in canada is useful as US $ 800 will buy a lot more kit in canada..
also brands like Outlaw ,The Speakers Comapany etc are not famailer and so untested in India..ditto about Sherwood etc.And these are just a few brands I know...
also their are crazy discounts u get sometimes use this forum to get general guidelines and try to fit products available..
Canada is an audiophiles delight. Plenty of good mid-fi brands there.
Paradigm, Mirage, Energy ,PSB, Athena are some of the traditional Canadian brands you could look at.
Any decent AV receiver from Denon or Marantz or Cambridge audio should work for you.
theres a forum on the website called ecoustics. a lot of canadian members there. they'll help you with brands within your budget and also good dealers that you can audition with
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