Technics SL-QD3 turntable requires phono input?


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Oct 27, 2007
I'm on a miniscule budget since I'm just trying to sample the vinyl world, courtesy of a collection of free records I got at a garage sale recently. I'm also getting this Technics turntable from a retailer online, for a reasonable price.
Here is a picture of the model:
Technics SL-QD3

The problem is that I don't have a preamp if I need to connect it to the line-level inputs of the receiver I have. The retailer does not know what the heck I'm asking him when I want information if the turntable has an inbuilt preamp or not. :indifferent14:

I've tried searching online to get an answer but to no avail. I've come across this webpage which has all the models except the one I want :mad:
Technics Owners Manuals, Service Manuals, Schematics, Free Download | Vinyl Engine

However, going by the manuals, it is extremely unlikely that the SL-QD3 will have line-level out, since all the others, including the SL-Q3 require a phono input, as per their manuals. As an aside, is the SL-Q3 the same as the SL-QD3, aside from the naming?

Since this turntable seems to be a good offer, I would request forum member's help before I decide not to go for it. So, has anyone got an idea or owned this turntable, to let me know if a receiver without dedicated phono inputs will work for this model? Help is really appreciated.

Hello ajinkya,
i don't know much about TT. But recently what I have understood that either your TT must have phono pre amp ot your receiver must have phono in along with a place where you connect the ground wire. Can you tell us what wires are attached to this turn table. There is cheap phono pre amp option from cambridge audio Azur 540P Phono pre-amplifier

Thanks Mahiruha. I don't have the budget for a phono amp. I was asking the person who owns the turntable the exact same question (inbuilt preamp or not). He is not electronic-savvy enough to answer. Looking at the manuals, I have a feeling that the SL-QD3 will require phono input, since the SL-Q3 does. I think the 'Q' stands for Quartz; that is the only difference between the two models, from my extrapolation of the naming scheme.

Any informed users here know of good turntables that have an inbuilt preamp and are relatively cheap (or can be gotten used in good condition)?
Hai Ajinkya,

IMHO the In-built Phono Pre-Amp TTs were only released after the year 2000. They were basically done because amp manufacturers did not provide Phono input as default. That too not many TT models came with this Line-Out facility. This was basically done to facilitate Conversion of Vinyls to MP3s by directly connecting to the Line-in of the PC sound card. So the Technics model you have mentioned, by all probability may not have a Phono pre-amp built in but still is worth taking, provided if you can find an matching pre-owned Amp which has Phono input.

This is my 2 cents.

N Murali
Hi Murali,

That is what I fear as well. The person is checking if he has a manual and letting me know over the weekend. I am on a very small budget for the TT, so the matching amp is out of the question currently. I think I will have to go for a modern TT to get line-level out, as you suggest. Do you (or any members) know of any decent turntable in the modern era that may be gotten second-hand cheaply? I am aware of Project, Rega but these are not available old and new ones are beyond my meagre budget.

That SL-QD3 looks decent enough despite the lack of a line level output. I would suggest acquire it if within your budget. Regarding the phono stage, I would suggest you contact Lyrita Audio to work out a cost effective solution.

The modern TT that come with built-in phono preamp may not be as good as that vintage TT.

Back in the 70s and 80s Philips used to sell a simple phonostage. If you live in a big enough city maybe you can ask around second hand reseller to find if one is available. You can also enquire with any old-time Philips dealer if they have a NOS (or 2nd hand) piece. A friend was able to buy a Philips phonostage (made in 1979) from the dealer in Kolkata about 6 months ago.

edit: shri murali_n's is right. Exactly what is your budget? You maybe in for a pleasant surprise.
Hallo Ajinkya,

I would suggest that you should first check up that the deck has a MM cartridge and the stylus is in good condition. Only when this is confirmed start looking for a phono pre amp.


Yes, it has a moving magnet cartridge. I haven't got a chance to personally inspect the stylus, since the TT is not in the same place I am.

Murali_n and Aks07,
My budget is minuscule, less than 5K for the TT (and any ancilliaries required). I just want to try out a TT to see if the vinyl sound is something I like, before I plunge into it. So I do not have a lot of leeway in terms of looking for new components. I thought if I could find used components cheaply, it might be a good way to start. I think I'll have to wait awhile either to have another deal or to expand my budget for vinyl (which will take a long time, under present circumstances).

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