Tell me about the Wharfedale Elysian 4 speaker

I love this channel - Thomas & Stereo.

Acoustic Designer Peter Comeau's philosophy was undoubtedly great. I believe he also a part of IAG Group.

The pair of Elysian look super interesting too - it resembles my ex-love Dali helicon.
Very premium looking speakers. Looks great, maybe sounds great too. The Elysian 2 are quite big for bookshelf speakers.
Has anyone purchased these speakers? Elysian 4 are beyond the budget for most people including myself but Elysian 2 though still expensive can be dreamt about and also look perfect for a mid+ size room

Update: I take it back LOL.. The price at crutchfield was for one speaker! so even Elysian 2 is beyond my budget!
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