Thank God I am not the only one !


Dec 3, 2009
Hi Fellas,

I happened to stumble on this forum while googling for LCD TVs. Its really nice to have an all Indian forum for Audio/Video products. Often I had to rely on foreign forums and many a times the models/prices/suggestions are not relevant for us here in India. I used to feel that I am one of the few Indians who have an OCD toward buying electronic stuff (since we never had an Indian Forum). Many of my freinds used to ridicule me for being overtly obssesive about electronics. I was feeling very lonely and dejected. Thanks to this forum, now I know I am not alone:). There are plenty of freinds(hopefully having an equally obssessive temparament for Electronics, if not more:D) here to share my views with. This is a place I can call HOME.:yahoo:

Thanks Everyone here for letting me be a part of this forum !!
You are DEF not alone, we have many loose circuits here who spend 20k+ on a 20+ year old cassette decks :lol:

You should have seen my friends reaction when he saw I bought a Denon FM tuner for 2k ;)

Though I should caution you, we have deep impact on your balance sheet

Welcome home Falcon, may your journey be guided by our knowledge breeze!!!
Welcome. Hope you find this place even more interesting as time goes by.

If the forum transforms you into a big spending audiophile, blame us not! :lol:

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