sameer kumar

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May 22, 2008
Hi Friends,

A month back I was a novice to all these amps (power & pre),bookshelves, floorstanders ,tubes.After moving through differents threads got some insight on brands and their specs,features.

But now I am in absolute confused state to pick the correct components.

Thanks to some members for educating me in identifying dubious sellers.I had been to few places in hyderabad for audition but cant afford the expensive stuff.

Now I also have an option to buy sonodyne products

1. Sonus 2605 V2 (speakers)
2. SP 203R (stereo preamplifier)
3. SPA 202 (dual channel power amplifier )

along with a Cambridge CD Player (Suggested by Sonodyne dealer).Complete set up price is Rs.69000.

If any one of u can suggest a better alternate in the same price range with equivalent specs,please help me with info (NEW / GOD SECONDS).I wish to have my set up in a months time.


Sameer glad to know this forum helped !

Now to clear your confusion ! let me just try to throw the light on few things here !

frist the pre-power ! the sonodyne is a very decent performer for the money you pay ! so you have my vote on them !

The CDP from CA again a wonderful Value for money product ! but just make sure you don't go for 340 as its their basic entry level ! 540V2 and above will be ideal for the pre-power combo !

The only issue is the Sonus ! not that they are bad ! but you can get a much better speakers in the same range ! Look out for Wharfedale diamond series ! also some MS stuff before choosing Sonus !

...but just make sure you don't go for 340 as its their basic entry level!

Couldnt help wondering whats wrong with the CA340. I heard it couple of times with the 9.1s and F1s. They sounded awesome for the price. Any particular reason why you'r completely writing it off?!

Buddy you are 100% right and there absolutely nothing wrong with it ! Its a beautiful player no doubt ! the reason for me not suggesting is simple !

He's planned for the pre-power and towers so the source has to be in the same level right ?? otherwise whats the use ?? had he selected a integrated then it would've been a different story !!

Its like Having a Ferrari not fueling it with the 97Octane petrol !! forgive me for the crude comparison but thats how I see it !!

Hope this clears the doubt !!

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