Twisted Pear Audio's Buffalo/Buffalo32 DACs


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Nov 14, 2008
Hi all,
I've read a few posts in the forum regarding the Buffalo DACs and was curious to find more about them from the users here. I'd appreciate if you could post more details on the model, and your impressions of the DAC compared with other players/DACs. I'd also appreciate if you could post info. on how you built the DACs and what devices you have them hooked to. Thanks!
I use a Buffalo/IVY combo (no longer available) hooked up to a maxed-out P2P chipamp and the Usher Mini-Dancers. I compared it to a E-mu1212m (modded to the gills, with new opamps, power supplies), a Delta66 (similarly and more heavily modded), and a CD player (I don't remember which, I think it was a Regar but I'm not 100% sure). The source comes off the digital output of the above 1212m, and we tried hooking it up to the CDP's digital output as well.

The DAC is exceedingly transparent, without ever becoming harsh or irritating. The speakers reveal differences between sources very well, so we could detect changes between the soundcards, the players, as well as the effect of different digital output.

Building the DACs is also simple. The older models required you to construct the I/V stage but the new 32S model has the I/V on the same board as the SMDs, and it all comes pre-soldered - you only need to solder the power supplies together, and it took me all of 10 minutes to get the thing running (I planned for four weeks though!). As I understand it, you will still need to solder the power supplies, and you can either use two or three of them.

To cut to the chase, I'm not thinking of a source upgrade for the next few years, the Buffalo is that good. I was thinking of the 32s but I'm unemployed right now so am keeping that thought on hold.

Hi Cranky,
Thanks much for the comprehensive comment, exactly what I was looking for. So, it does look like even a tech-challenged guy like me could pull this one off, hmmm... What case do you have for your DAC? Also, do you happen to have an I2S input for your soundcard? If so, what kind of connector did you use?
Thanks again for your time.
can 7520 beresford be compared to this?
What is the cost and where can it be acquired?

Though I haven't heard either of them, my guess is that it would be in a different league than the Beresford, which it should be, given it's price. Unfortunately you can't just buy one off the shelf, you'd have to buy the DAC board, power supply and the connectors and put them together yourself. It costs $449 for the DAC module and $529 for the DAC module with the PS...
The buffallo DAC shows "out of stock" whenever I have checkd. How did you manage to get a kit ?
The Buffalo DAC

It's beginning to look like a lottery to get them these days, the last 2 sets put up for sale got sold out in a matter of seconds. The next sale is supposed to have much larger no. of pieces when it does go on sale. The only way to find out I guess is to keep hitting F5 on the page...
...It's pretty easy to tap I2S from a soundcard, and one of the guys is using a Juli@ for I2S. I would recommend either that or the 1212m, both have separated analog sections, which makes finding the I2S easy...

That's why I was keen on finding out how to implement an I2S output. I'm also interested in modding a Denon 19x0 and piping the DSD/PCM straight to the Buffalo. Let's see how things go after I get my hands on the Buffalo first. Thanks!
Heads-up, Russ is opening up pre-orders this weekend probably, and shipping the next round in June. It might be a good night for some happy hunting :)

Yeah, I just saw the notification but sadly, I'm not ready for it yet...:annoyed:
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