up movie?

I thought u r talking about some "bhojpuri" movie>.......:eek:hyeah::eek:hyeah::eek:hyeah::eek:hyeah::yahoo:

No offence to anyone ...I am big fan of trash movies ( planning to start a thread)..Like Mithunda's Gunda,Disco Dancer & other gems like "Escape from LA",Harley Davidson & Marlboro man etc....

In fact I shouted with Joy when Madjack ,our member offered me "Deshdrohi" ..My wife could not handle it ( as most of the ladies do) ,so I left it after half an hour!!! ( Being Marathi I found whatever I saw outrageously funny!)
Don't know how is the movie Disco dancer but for me the music is too good. Few of the OST's i like from 80's
Infact i used to listen it everyday when i was a kid (maybe 7 or 8 years old) on a Sharp Boombox :)
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