Upgrade for NAD 3020 and 3120 Amplifiers


Today, I found an ideal pair of speakers for the NAD 3020e amplifier. The Monitor Audio BR2 speakers are those. I took the NAD to Shriram's place today morning for audition to check how they gel with MA BR2. First, Shriram played a song from Lagaan CD through a Sony DVD player connected to Onkyo 5.1 AVR -> MA BR2. I did like the way they sounded, because it was much better than what I get from the FS that I have - the mids were clear and vocals were clearer, the treble and bass really sounded dull. Shriram clearly mentioned that he didnt like the way they sound with the AVR, on a precautionary note.

Then, we took the NAD and decided to test it out with the speakers and he was surprised when I told him it was around 18 years old, so was my friend who accompanied me. We connected the NAD and the speakers and played the song. It was a magical moment, Shriram's face grew brighter and he was giving me an expression, "yeah-I-told-you." He commented that they sounded awesome and he didnt like how they sounded in his Marantz amp and he further added that the amp is easily driving the speakers as we had to just increase the volume by at slightly less than 9 o'clock for a 12.5 x 10.5 room. The separation was good and my friend, who is not so interested in this, commented that this sounded good and he commented that "there was depth in the music coming out of this setup."

We packed up and then went on to buy some audio CDs and got home and tested all of them and we spent more than 4 hours in front of them and enjoyed every bit of the music, especially the Eric Clapton's and Lata Mangeshkar's.

So, looks like NAD and Monitor Audio BR2 make a good couple and are definitely a VFM combo!

Hi Venkatesh,

Good to hear you are enjoying the speakers :)

I always felt that the BR2s would match well with NAD, and in my opinon they rocked!

Cheers, Shriram
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has anyone recapped an NAD3020? Audiokarma threads suggest using Nichicon KL caps in the input for the power amp and phono amp/Wima MKP, but both of them are not available locally - any suggestions for alternatives?
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