Urgent : Onkyo S3200/5205 Dealer in Chennai with EMI


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Aug 8, 2009
Guys sorry to open a thread ,

yesterday i called 3-4 shops in Chennai , they all said that S3200 cost around 25k and nobody seems to know about S5205 , any idea where i can get them ?
also please some one point out the difference between S3200 and S5205? apart from powered sub ?
what are powered sub really used for ? when does it really matter ?

guys i am going to buy it on Monday :yahoo: , and will leave Chennai early on Tuesday , so i don't have time , i need your help guys

I will be mostly going for EMI , due to budget constraint , does anyone know any dealer who gives it at EMI , please guys reply and help me ... i don't have much time.

how much do speaker stands for the above model will cost ? and will these model bundle along with HDMI / Optical cable ? or do i have to buy ? if so how much will they cost ?

do i have to buy anything along with them which you guys feel necessary ?

sorry :sad: again for opening another thread... since no one replied for 3-4 days ...
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Naveen,you might have to buy it from reputes showrooms like,Croma,reliance digital or e-zone and so. Powered sub will matter when you wanna drive the system in low volumes and is better than the passive subs(driven by the AVR) any day. This also matters,when you wanna upgrade your sub in the future,where you will be easily able to find one matching to ur system.Passive subs are almost outta league. When you buy the system,they will only give u the AVR,speaker package and the speaker cables. you can buy the HDMI,optical or the coaxial cable separately. you can easily get em in the showroom,when u buy ur HT. I am sure one of the showrooms,will be offering finance schemes.
thnks a lot VJ ,

I asked Croma through phone and they said , they dont have S3200 . They have only 3100 and 5100 .

I enquired about the stands , she said it cost around 1K , any suggestion on this ?

I will go there and enquire . The main dealer in chennai said he has 3200 and 5205 . So will check it and if he provides EMi , i will buy from him.

Also since my room is not that big , and also budget , i MAY have to stick with passive sub :sad:

Many said Yamaha 195 model has powered sub , but review on the model are not that encouraging.

Thnks VJ for helping me out.

Any advice on Power management !!!
Onkyo has brand showrooms in many cities, check out phone #s for the one in Chennai or at any location nearer to you and call them. Not sure if they offer EMI though.
Power management should not be an issue naveen,just get proper earthing setup and you are good to go. Also get a good quality spike buster in case,if u need to extend the connection. Onkyo's 3200 is good enough for movie experience,it gives you decent rattle and surround sound.So don't worry,just go get one!
thnk you guys .

i was supposed to buy today , but i couldn't make it .. so tomorrow i will surely buy it

I called Onkyo Dealer ( Main ) Of Chennai , And a very helpful person called Jay Ganesh ( 9-8-4-1-0-6-2-2-0-1)- Ph no , he helped me to locate the nearest shop .I said that they were selling 3200 for 33k , he said that just pay 25 k , not one rupee extra and take home the speakers , he will talk to them .

I think the real price is 33 k and now they are offering for a 25k as discount ( thats wht jay ganes h told me )

anyway the point is , if you guys need any help on Onkyo , ask him guys , he is very helpful.

he also advised me to get a 1k v stabiliser for the subs of S3200 ,

I asked him where i can get stands , he gave suggestion and asked me to get it from richie street.

Anyway guys , i am very very very thankful to you two guys ,:clapping::clapping: VJ and Skumar :clapping::clapping:

Thanks guys . no more question from now on . I will buy :yahoo: and post my setup ( amateurish though) ....
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Naveen, set up your system and spend time on enjoying it, don't worry about thanking and posting out here... But, feel free to ask any queries on the set up...
Thats was nice of you SK.

Ok guys got everything

here is the list and the price

Onkyo 3200 - 25 K ( silver :o ) couldnt get black

Speaker Stands (Floor ) 4 Nos - 550 x4 = 2200

Optical Cable - 900 Rs ( Onkyo )

Setup was smooth , only had problems with Stands ( they were rusted inside so knobs didnt work )

connected front speaker to wrong ports , then read the manual clearly and connected properly.

Having a alittle BASS problem , its good , but i dont know how to get most of it.. like placements ..etc

Anyway i am tired totally , drove car for 4 staright hours... so going to bed ...

before that , I played my Bluray Dark knight and those IMAX scene were simply awesome :yahoo::yahoo:... awesome sound effect ...
will calibrate , work around the setting , get help from you guys ...

and will post pics...

good night

Thanks again to all who helped me threw last few days / week.... :):):):)
thnks TheVortex

guys i cant able to get a good perfect BASS ..

please help me...

and there is a constant "hiss" from the front two speakers , i tried clearing the lines from other power cables to cancel the interference ...what to do
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