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US import Onkyo TX-NR626 S- Home theatre & step down

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New Member
Oct 14, 2010
Hi guys...
i have three broad questions if can be answered here. i have got an Onkyo TX NR626 from US recently and would want to set that up. am based in Mumbai.

1) I have misplaced its remote, how can i get an alternative for the same. called up onkyo service and they quoted 5k for the remote. can i get an alternative somewhere or the mobile app can be used to operate the receiver. please help with your inputs.
2) It is a 6.1 amp machine so would 1 KVA step down transformer be enough for the same or i need 1.5 KVA. also please help with good shops/places in mumbai from where i can buy this. have heard about maxine at some forums and at amazon it is at rs5500 for 1.5 KVA. is it rightly priced?
3) before i got the receiver i was thinking of getting home a Jamo S426 home theatre with sub 210. however am being told that these would be too underpowered for the amp. and i need bigger speakers. "The Shop" in mumbai have recommended S626 instead with a J10 which is coming for 98k approximate? do i really need to buy this heavy a system or an S526 would also do? as per my information the receiver is 175W while S426 is 120, S526 130 & S626 150W. am open to suggestion for other speakers as well apart from Jamo.

also does everyone charge separately for the wirings or thats generally bundled? i am being quoted 120 per meter and approximately 40-50 meters required.

lot of confusion on this, so please suggest on all three issues highlighted.

thanks a lot