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Oct 12, 2009
Hi all,
Recommend a good vacuum cleaner to clean the dust accommodated on the electronic equipments and even to clean inside the equipments also.

I use Eureka Forbes to blow the dust inside the Electronic equipment once in a while and normally dust outside once in a week.



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hi gopscreative,

if you've got small tricky space you might want to check out the blowers/vacuum cleaners used by camera slr users. a big vacuum brush might do damage internally.

YEAH Vacuum cleaners sucks
and Air Blowers BLOWS ;)

Any brand is OK.
Eureka F - personally had no issues till date -(8+ years)
These can do both , but blowing part may be less powerfull.

Get a blower - can do better job for blowing away dust.

Blower??? can it be used to blow away de dust from electronic circuit boards,or inside amplifiers ...? Can u recommend one good brand?
don't all vacuum cleaners blow in addition to sucking? my ancient-ass BPL-Sanyo one does.

One thing, don't ever go for a handheld one. I bought a philips one, because the BPL-Sanyo was a pain to lug around, but discovered that the strain the heavy thing causes (because your hand is holding up the entire device including the motor and everything), tires you out much quicker than a normal vacuum cleaner.

Blower??? can it be used to blow away de dust from electronic circuit boards,or inside amplifiers ...? Can u recommend one good brand?
if u decide to go for a proper vacuum cleaner i can recommend LG-V-CD281NTY that is if u dont hate LG as a brand..
the best thing about this one is that it is bagless.. retails for 7.2k
i was earlier going for forbes trendy cherry red which can be had for 4.6k

eureka forbes provides a model named ACE for 7.2k which is the home netwoking..

there are plenty more ..starting from 1.5k - 10k
how does it look? supporting links will be useful

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normal blowers(green coloured unit in the center of the pic) - good for cleaning internals of any equipments like PCs and similar kind of equipments. Visible Dust Hurricane Blower, Manual Air Blower: Camera & Photo
for delicate equipments - camera etc.

Better still - see if you can avoid Dust etc getting in.

this is what i see when trouble shooting my 1st Graphic card dying on me frequently.
I use a Blower instead of a Vacume Cleaner and use a flat dry brush to remove dust while keeping the blower works very well............


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atleast for computers, you need special vacuum cleaners due to static.

from this link - Quiet PC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Removing dust from inside the computer. Dust on computer parts will retain more heat. Fans draw in dust along with outside air, it can build up quickly inside the computer. Dust can be removed with a vacuum, Gas duster or air compressor. Special anti static vacuums should be used however to prevent Electrostatic Discharge. Ideally this would be done often enough to prevent a significant amount of dust from ever building up. How frequently this would need to be performed would depend entirely on the environment the computer is situated in.
I have a question for everyone:

Vacuum or Blower? And why? Especially for CDP.



I prefer blower because the air output force is more than that of the suction force of a vacuum cleaner and brushing while blowing does a very good job of freeing dust......
I dont remember the company because most of them have plastic body and are chinese made....(see the photo posted above) Kolkata its available in Electric Market (Central Kolkata)........:)
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