VFM Power Plugs & Connectors?


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Sep 25, 2008
Hello Everyone,
I am thinking of changing the power and iec plugs of my Siltech Power Cables.
They are currently terminated with Crabtree power plugs and local IEC connectors. I want something which are easy on pocket with good performance. I had Oyaide and Wattgate in mind but they are very expensive.
hai vasu,

I think instead of Cords pl try to use a good UPS (with voltage regulator) and harmonic filter because SQ will improve based on the purity of the power fed to the equipment.

N Murali
Thanks Murali,
I have not tried UPS in my system.But what i have gathered from various posts, that a good UPS will cost a bomb.
I have tried few power conditioners but somehow i go back to raw power from the wall outlet. Conditioners do helped in cleaning the video part but choked the both extremes (highs and lows) of audio.
Hai vasu,

I think you can give APC (UPS cum V.Reg) a try, you can loan one from friends and judge for your self.

N Murali.
Hi Vasu,

Crabtree plugs are good. Wherever I have used them, I am very satisfied. Do you also use the sockets from Crabtree? That would provide perfect contact. Can't say much about IEC connectors.

An online UPS with isolation transformer giving out sinusoidal voltage would indeed be very expensive. You live in the New Alipore area. Cranky who is also a resident of that locality tells me that there is not so much voltage fluctuation. Living in Salt Lake, I find that very difficult to absorb. You guys must be very lucky.

Regarding your experiences with power conditioners, I am not so sure. See, whatever outlet you are drawing the power from it has a circuit size, and under no circumstances cannot exceed that and then would trip. So if you have a conditioner with enough support on wattage, it should really not matter in audio quality. My need is no more than 1 KVA at a given point of time, and I have 3 KVA a Krykard servo stab (from Chennai, and not cheap at 13K). I plan to add a Ultra Isolation Transformer in the chain (after the servo) at a later stage.

I draw the power from a single 15A socket into the servo stab. From the servo stab, it goes to a home made power distribution box which powers all equipments. All plugs and sockets are from Crabtree. Cables are 3 core Finolex and Havells (each of the core is 4 sq mm) and inside the box the cables are 2.5 sq mm. In the box, it is a star configuration, that is, cables go to all the connecting sockets from a single point where the power cable from the servo ends.

Also, as stressed above, one should draw the power for all equipments (to be used together) from a single wall power socket. I am given to understand it is important,

Hi Asit,
In my area the voltage is somewhat constant, hovers in the range of +- 5 volts. It's only peak summer months when the voltage do drop to 200 volts sometimes. I have tried 1 kva servo stab, Monster HTS1000. Right now i have 2 KVA Zephyr (Audire) transformer based power conditioner. No doubt, with these the sound had queiter background and the video quality better but in exchange they sounded veiled with audio with choked highs and lows. I have run 2 dedicated lines, one for analogue and one for digital, with 2.5sqmm Finolex cable from the mains. All the sockets and switches are Crabtree. I have found the raw power direct from wall outlet better than these power conditioners.
Yesterday i got a JPS Labs GPA2 power cable. I found a huge improvement when i put it in my amp. I have Siltech Berlin but these are teminated with Crabtree plugs whereas JPS lab is factory terminated with higher grade IEC socket and Schuko plugs. I am sure the Siltech's performance will take a lift with audio grade sockets and plugs hence the desire to upgrade the plugs and sockets.
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