Video up scaling

You would need an upscaling AVR.
I am using Denon 1909 AVR
This is what it does (wrt upscaling)
1) Upscale analog signals (only) to higher resolution
2) Output from HDMI, Component and S-video

So if you feed Tata Sky signals to the AVR, you get a choice to view in the desired resolution and from the desired interface.

1) HDMI signals would not be upscaled. For that you would need higher end AVRs
2) Like in 1909, audio from non HDMI i/p sources might not be output from HDMI cable feed.

Please see:

Hi friends,

please tell me how to upscale a std definition(tata sky) to high definition.

You need an AVR which does the following depicted in the picture(attaching picture so that you can understand better). Concentrate on the green arrows.



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Re:external video upscaler

Hi friends,

Is there any external video upscaler avilable other than A V recevers
Not sure what you are trying to get at...

DVD Players, PS3 & your HD TV itself are good upscalers. If you are talking about aftermarket ones, I don't know that much but again I would not trust them either.

Always remember like in any electronics situation - garbage in - garbage out. So ifyou SD is crappy, your HD wont make it any better, in fact it may make it worse!
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