Vu at 36k!

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Dec 2, 2009
Dear friends,
i have been offered 40inch hollywood series Vu LCD,which is one year old at price of 36k.The price is negotiable.I got few que nd i wish members here wil give me good advice.
1.How good are lcds of Vu company are?
2.Is this company known for good service?
3.Any comments about this particular model which is full hd?
4.What would be its best bargain price?
5.And how one can know how many hours it has been used?I mean any service menu to know how many hrs its been used?
Thanks in advance
hey confused, this was not to intimidate you or deter you, so please don't take it that way, but if you had checked the forums you would have realised that Vu LCD whether one year old or brand new, should be avoided at all costs, and therefore you would not have posted this thread :) Do search and go through the threads to see if you find something useful .....instead of going for this awful Vu LCD for 36k why don't you go for a 42 inch plasma from samsung or panasonic for around 40k?

I just wanted to know whether the price for 1yr old Vu is right?
Not open for further replies.
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