Wharfedale 9.5 vs 9.6 2ch stereo: all the differences you heard


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Aug 5, 2009
Hello to everybody.

I'm going to order in 2-3 weeks whf 9.5 or 9.6 for 2ch stereo listening...
I said 2 weeks for I have to order my definitive furniture for my living room
of my new house.

I was able to listen in 2ch stereo 1h session whrf 9.5 here in my town in Italy, and convinced me at about 85% (for the price are very good, could not buy nothing better here in Italy)

Sometimes though the bass was boomy , especially in some recordings of the same artist. Even the highs were sometimes too sharp and unreal.

I must say that I come from dynaudio 4 ways do it yourself (including passive cross-overs) and I played the coda piano for 10 years. I played also synths and trumpets like instruments.

The dynaudio are for my very best listenings in the upper floor, Wharfedale are supposted to be cheap but good (and not too large for my wife) speakers along with a 5.1 an integrated amplifier (used as pre) + NAD 100+100 stereo twicked final in the living room . I use ht pre in order to plug optical 5.1 cables (XBOX360, wii, ps2) along with cds.

I was wondering wether the 9.6 would be less boomy and more delicate in the highs...

The seller (audiophile) said to me that nobody wants 9.6 so he does not sell them... strange since I could read several feedback/articles on the web for the 9.6.. but quite nothing for the 9.5 !!!

I was to buy 9.5 even with the defects explained above, for it would be better for me not to exceed 90-95 cm in height and 30 in depth...
but if somesome says to me 9.6 are faaaaar better, maybe I would give 'em a chance, but still i cannot afford to have a chance to listen to them!
It is not a question of price, rather a question of sound and dimensions

I personally do not like to much bass , I like especially very realistic response to the mids (piano, voices, trumpets,ecc), and very vell controlled bass
: ie I usually prefer 6,5 inches woofer rather than 8 inches ones for they are quicker and raise much higher in frequency response.

Please give me your opinion....

I would really appreciate somebody who could listen personally to BOTH 9.5 and 9.6 and could be able to give me his/her opinions.

Keep in mind that I will use them in a strait 2 channel stereo-ONLY configuration I will never buy a subwoofer of any sort

Thx in advance.

Roberto (Bob)

ps: I'm a wharfies fanboy so I'm going to choose from 9.5 or 9.6, nothing else...
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Hi Bob
Welcome to the forum
There are many here who either own the 9.5 or 9.6 or for sure have auditioned them. So you will get a response soon
You say are from italy, but your status says you are from Peurto Rico. Just a little confused

I own a pair of 9.5. I wanted to buy the 9.6s after a 4 hour audition using Indian made pre/amplifier combination from a company called Pulz. But when I took my cheque book, I realised I could not afford the 9.6s and settled for the 9.5. For music alone, the 9,5s are more than enough as they can handle low frequencies sound around 35Hz quite well. The drums are tight, and the speakers transients are fast enough for me.

The 9.6s have better low frequency response and have the unique ability to completely disappear. Form me, the sound must come from around me, and the 9.6 could project sound some 5 to 6 feet in the front. Separation of instrumental sound is also slightly better, and this I feel is because the 9.6 can push more air.

If you listen to Western Classical a lot, go for the 9.6s. Else there are subtle differences between the two that may not even be appreciated or used by other types of music.

9.6 are the ones for you buddy..for your preferences like better mids and not going for a woofer. I own them and they sound awesome... a lot fuller and satisfying performance. But they sure need the space between and around them for the ultimate experience.
9.6 are the ones for you buddy..for your preferences like better mids and not going for a woofer. I own them and they sound awesome... a lot fuller and satisfying performance. But they sure need the space between and around them for the ultimate experience.

thx for the reply...
btw I just forgot I will put these floorstand speakers ABOVE a wooden bench of 11 cm (about 3 inches) high., not directly on the floor and I guess I will not use the spikes not not damage the wood itself.

The maximum depth of my new living room furniture will be 38 cm all high
and 54 cm for the first 36 cm above the woodem bench (11 cm high)

so the furniture viewed from ASIDE will be:

| |
| | !
| | !
| | ! lcd tv 32''
| | !
| | !
| |
| |
| | - 38 cm -
| A .................. C
| 3-
| 6 cm
| B _____________
|_53 cm_________| <--- wooden bench (11 cm high) |__SOFA____|
================================================== =======

For the first 36 cm in height (point A - B) above the wooden bench I will have 53 cm of depth
, while for the rest of the height above point A I will have 38 cm in depth (point A - C), so I guess
either 9.5 or 9.6 will fit: 9.5 is 30 cm 'deep' and 9.6 33 cm including cord plugs i guess

The remaing space left and right will be about 15 cm left and 25 cm right for left speaker and the opposite, that is 15 cm right and 25 cm left for the right speaker; the space in height is no problem at all, i have 2 meters high.

I know the space around the oncoming wharfies if not too much... but this is it unfortunately.

Do you still think 9.6 will be ok ?
Or for the space I have (and also for putting them above my wooden bench without spikes and not directly on the floor with spikes) maybe 9.5 will be better for sound and nice looking ?

If someone could measure for me whf 9.5 and/or 9.5 REAL depth NOT INCLUDING cord plugs, and the height at which starts the bass reflex rear port (and its diameter) I will be very pleased of.

On the bottom You can see my furniture, note the wooden bench that 'comes out' from the whole.

thx again.


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I guess 9.5 will be a better fit for your room arrangement. Don't be let down by the specs cuz room will defenitely pay a part in bass response.

If you are open, you may consider MA BR5 and Kef IQ5. Both are excellent speakers and have small footprints. These pix (googled) might help you get their relative sizes.


Happy auditions!
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