Wharfedale diamond 8.3 vs MS 914i


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Sep 20, 2008
New Delhi / Noida / Kolkata

I'm looking for a floorstander in the price range of 20-22K INR.After getting the price details of few brands I came across these two models.
Please suggest which is better?
Wharfedale diamond 8.3 & MS 914i
Since wharfedale diamond 8.3 is an old model its price is also quite less compared to MS 914i.As I'm very tight on budget that can save some money for me :)But obviously don't want to miss on something great to save money & then repent later.

Amp : Haven't decided yet but will be either CA540A V2 or NADC325BEE or Marantz PM7001.

Choice of music : Classic Rock like Pink Floyd,U2,Doors etc,Some heavy stuff too (Metallica,Maiden etc),Lots of acoustic guitar stuff...I love good deep bass (not boomy but tight).

Please suggest

( Also Jamo S506,E350 are around this price range but after going through the forum I felt Jamo's cheap models are pretty bad :( )

I've also heard Mission m33i but didn't quite like it for my choice of music ( the guitar & vocals weren't kicking enough...mid-range problem I guess)

Thanks in advance....
When you are with limited budget and need a good sounding system go for bookshelves you can good really good quality BS for the money.

Mordaunt Short Avant
Tannoy Custom F1
PSB Alpha B1
PSB Image B25
PSB Image B15
Monitor Audio BR2
Usher S520
Dali Lektor 1
Dali Lektor 2

All these are around your budget of 22k.Audition them I am sure you will like it more than those floorstanders you have mentioned there.

If its ok do let us know which city you are from so that we can suggest places where you can audition these.

Mordaunt Short 904i is close to 28k new one no idea about the 914
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If it's bookshelf then I'll have to reduce my budget to 15-17K,as I think I'll need a good pair of stands and that'll add 7-8K to my budget :sad:

Please also mention the price of all the model's you mentioned.

I really love the bass in music and do watch a lot of movies,so am I correct in understanding that I should go for a speaker with 6.5" driver than with 5" driver ?

(My location is Delhi,where can I audition these ? )

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@Hauntedhunter, what's the price of the 8.3/8.4?

Also some body wanted to sell his one year old 914i along with CA 640A here in kolkata,which you can get in even less price.
PM me if you want details.


Wow. These are still in the market? I had heard of them through a friend a few months back.
If it's bookshelf then I'll have to reduce my budget to 15-17K,as I think I'll need a good pair of stands and that'll add 7-8K to my budget :sad:

Don't compromise on quality! I would recommend going for the best stand-mount speakers you can. You can build your own stands cheaply later.
got it :)

particleman : I think this is the suggestion I'm getting from all you gurus and I think I should indeed look for good standmounts :)

Suggest few ( rock music is what I love :) )
( budget 15K-17K INR )

I've come to know about Wharfedale diamond 9.1/9.2 , MS 902i, Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom.

If you think you can spare another 17K for sub in next 4 to 5 months then go for 9.1 as they excel over 9.2 in midrange and dispersion.

Live with the lack of relative bass for a few months if you can :)

Better bass in 9.2 - best budget buy - can skip on sub.

Google for 9.2 reviews and you will find none. google for 9.1 and you see many. 9.1 is the award winner not 9.2. Some people might say its just a matter of putting a larger driver in a larger box - but the end result is not the same.

I use the 9.2 - its not bad or poor mind you. Just advising you to go for the confirmed winner.

So the diamond 9.2 lacks compared to 9.1 ?

HH, see this page for Wharfedale dealers in Delhi:
Designer Audio - Dealers

You may wish to contact them to check if they have the new Diamond 10 series, and audition the same. Personally with a 22k or so budget I would recommend the Monitor Audio BR2 Bronze standmount. However if all fails, the Diamond 9.1 is an excellent fallback option. Pair it with their SW150 subwoofer in future.
For excellent sound that won't break the bank, the 5 Star Award Winning Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 Bookshelf Speakers is the one to consider!