what are some good wii games i should rent to play with that are 2-4 players?


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Dec 11, 2009
Viet Nam
hmm anybody know any good quick rents of a GOOD party game like is wii sports resort a good rental? basically i need like some games that are good for a rent cuz i'm going over friends house and were gonna rent a wii game rather than playing on his ps3 lol? he was like wii is gay.... then we ended up playing wii sports and wii play like mad crazy laugh then some resident evil umbrella chronicles and then trying out cod4 wii which my friend literally sucked at lmfao. but it was fun as hell to play on my wii while over his house. cool

but what are some games that are good for a party game rental something that isn't like mario party 8 cuz that game sucked bad for a mario party game...... lol i just want a list of good 2-4 player games i could rent and im also thinking about renting then buying mario bros wii dancing but only have 2 remotes and 2 nunchucks and two gamecube controllers tired
lol was darkside chronicles any good by the way?
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