What is the name of another tech website most users here are users there as well


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Sep 17, 2010
Vijayangar, Bangalore
Hi All,

May be the question is badly framed. Few months back there was a news on one of our members from Kolkata I think who was physically challenged and bedridden who had passed away. In that thread there was a mention of another website where apparently that news was shared - I guess that website is oriented more towards DIY, computers ..etc rather than audio and video. I did become a member that time but forgot its name.

Reason I ask is that I want my mid teen kids to do a project - IR blaster using node mcu/Arduino with alexa. Need is to control my home theater setup - TV, Receiver, gaming console and Tata sky using voice commands with a wish to change channels as well. I do see some websites and youtube videos - but no one is explaining it step by step as we are technically challenged. Something like below Not sure if I get replies on this website but the other website seems to be the place to go. I did ask this question few years back and everyone was recommending logitech harmony or broadlink kind of devices. I can buy those but wanted more DIY type.

Something similar to this:

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