Which models of Philips to choose?


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Dec 18, 2008
I have some points to redeem online and the only thing useful there was AV gear and appliances. (silence: they also have sarees and jewellery).

However, the brands listed were Videocon, Sansui, Electrolux, Kelvinator, Kenstar. As expected all of them combined have nothing to offer. Recently Phiilips was added to the list and I think they have decent products. Can you help me choose from the list below: (nothing outside like pioneer, sony, oppo etc.. as they cost and this is free more or less)

1. Philips DVD - I need 2 of these. Thinking of going with 1 each of 3388 and 3996.
Models - 3310, 3316, 3146, 3356, 3388, 3996
I believe that only the last 2 are worth considering.

2. Philips Home Theatre System - Any 1 of these
Models - 3011, 3021, 3152, 3156, 3265, 3371, 3366, 3571, 3568
I have no idea how to differentiate here. Thinking of keeping them in a 2nd home.

3. Philips Sound Bar - how do they compare to Yamaha and is the 8140 worth the 20000 points extra.
Models - HTS6100, HTS8140.

Please comment on whichever product you want. Its a pity they do not have Denons, Marantz, NAD etc... But I have to choose from what's there.

Perfect for audiophiles wanting both excellent music quality and flexible operation.