Yamaha Gigantic & Tremendous Turntable(GT series)


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May 8, 2010
Hi all,

Gigantic & Tremendous series of extremely successful LP turntables, alas only distributed in Japan. In exchange, the rest of us got the PF-1000 and PF-800 belt-driven record players.
So while we got belt-drive touted as best-as-can-be for LP replay, the japanese got direct-drive touted as best-as-can-be to spin musical vinyl - the arcanes of market-related marketing will always be full of contradictions. Not to mention that the GT-2000 series took on where the PX-1, PX-2 and PX-3 left off, when tangential tonearms were supposed to be top of the pops :)

The 5,8kg platter is made from ultra-pure aluminum cast between 500 and 700C with alumite coating.

he 14,5kg enclosure is made of 5-layer particle board, coated with either walnut veneer (2000L) or the same rugged black finish as used in the NS-1000M loudspeaker for the regular GT-2000. With a 4,5mm thickness, the acrylic cover ads 2kg to the already impressive weight. Feet are height adjustable spring+rubber. However intriguing, the big post stuck into the front of the platter only displays speed lock for either speeds.

The GT-2000x has an even taller enclosure (and 6-layer in thickness), glossy polyester coating on the american walnut veneer, an improved shaft (20mm vs. 10mm) and upgraded output cables (0,15 Ohm per channel !) plus a dedicated disc stabilizer adding 850g to the 34kg total.

The accessories go from dedicated external power supply (YOP-1), air-sucking turntable mat (YDS-1), cast-iron base (YAB-1), solid gun-metal platter (YGT-1), one straight tonearm (YSA-1), an upgraded version of said straight tonearm (YSA-2, very very rare), one S-shaped tonearm (YA-39), a dedicated wood rack (GTR-1B), an adaptable automatic arm-lifter (YAL-1), various counterweights (YPB-1), two central pucks (YDS-3 & YDS-9) and... I believe that's all !
A GT-2000L with all accessories skyrockets above 60kg and close to 500,000. An expensive Lego of sorts :)

There are thousands and thousands and thousands of these in Japan, spare parts still available and a small but developed market of audiophile mods and upgrades. For the price these were sold in Japan (158,000 for a GT-2000L, without any accessories), it is quite probable Yamaha didn't make much profit. The limited edition GT-2000x was sold at 320,000, again without any accessories.

The entire series was withdrawn in 1988/89 but, surprisingly, made a quick reappearance in the early 1990s as "limited edition" : just for those who still didn't have that ultimate high-end japanese LP turntable before analogue reproduction on disc did finally vanish while CD sales started to outperform that of the good vinyl grooves.

You can buy them from
GT-2000X YAMAHA HiFi-Do McIntosh/JBL/audio-technica/Jeff Rowland/Accuphase


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Hi Sachin,
You seem to be a big fan of the Yamaha turntables and have given a tremendous write up about the build quality and tank like construction of the direct drive models. I would be interested in your opinion and comments on your subjective listening experience with these turntables vis-a-vis Tecnics and other makes.
Thanks and regards.
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