Yamaha RX463 + ProFX speakers - Need expert's views to finalize it


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May 21, 2009
Kerala - Trivandrum/Kochi
I was a silent visitor in this forum for a long time now. I have gathered a lot of information from the experts in the scene. Itz now my turn to ask you all about your opinion on Yamaha RX 463 AVR + ProFX fusion 5 speaker package.

I was offered a price of 17 K for RX 463 and 25K for the ProFx 5.1 speaker package. I read somewhere in the forum that ProFx speakers are just basic, however had read some good reviews too. The review for AVR was also positive. If I look at my budget, the total cost comes very handy for me. So i would need the help from the great techies in the forum to help me out.
Few weeks before I Auditioned ProFx speakers paired withe Denon AVR in Chennai.

I didn't liked it at all.

Also I have audtioned Yamaha 463 with Q Acoustics 1010i. It is the best
one so far I have auditioned.
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why not buy a Philips 3569? people on this forum as well as other people i know have been speaking very highly of it, and it sounds like tremendous value for Rs. 22k.

The Pro FX speakers I understand are quite ordinary apart from their looks. At least audition this Philips setup, and compare it to the Yam+ProFX setup and see.
I am preferring AVR+ speakers than HTIBs and thatz the reason why I thought of asking the opinion about the package that I was looking.

Now since the feedback for Profx is not good, i am looking for other speakers...
For around 29K Rs. you can get the Energy 5.1 Take Classic system. It is very good for movies and music and gels well with the Yamaha sound. Audition in Mumbai at Atria Mall or look up on the net for other dealers. Price has come down from the retail of Rs 35K because of downturn and Energy introducing the Take 2 and others in the future.
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