1000 Posts Club...


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Oct 28, 2008
@all - Our bro "unleash_me" has hit the 1000 posts mark and thankfully has no intentions of quitting for any kind of detox.

Well thanx mate! Its a lotta fun here and i don't think a day has passed with out me checking out the posts :)

This is my outlet to breath from work every 15 minutes or so!


PS: No intention to take a break for detox. Thoroughly enjoying the addiction.

Let's all join in and wish him the best and also thank him for all the wonderful gyan he has enriched us all with.

@reju - Bro if you are reading please do come back soon. Miss ya and just so you know detox is available at HFV itself (just check with unleash_me).

Consider me too & will soon cross 2000,try to continue thereafter.

Sure Spiro. I believe yours are the most messages I've read on this forum.

Hmmm. Why is everyone talking of quitting or taking a break after "N" number of posts?
Well many join the forum when they really want to buy something(say HT)but dont know annything(or little),need to know more & confirm there choice,revs etc.
Once its done,they take break,once need new device reenters the forum.

This is very common,even I did with other forums,but enjoy here the most.If you remember me earlier,I too posted multiple times with same product, when I was abt to buy Tannoy F1.Then came to know the rules & tyring to follow since then.

Imp thing is I continued after that too & trying to help others.
Are the number of one's post proportinal to knowldge or intelligence one possess ....beats me!

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