27" 1080p or 27" 1440p monitor for PS4 (NON-pro)?!


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Oct 25, 2011

need advice on what resolution monitor should i get if i am gaming on the PS4 (NON-pro) hooked to it [will be getting a curved one].

on one hand i have the option of a 27" 1080p monitor, VA panel, upto 165Hz refresh-rate, with 1500R curvature


a 27" 1440p monitor, VA panel, upto 144Hz refresh-rate, with 1800R curvature

price-difference between the two is a good 4.5k (the latter one being costlier).

i'll be gaming on the PC too on the same monitor, but less than with on the PS4. my PC has i7-2600k processor & Zotac GTX 1060 6GB, which i dont plan to upgrade anytime soon, given my usecase (less usage for gaming than the console).

i can put up with some non-sharp imagery & reading on the PC with a 27" 1080p monitor, so inclined a bit towards that as against the 1440p alternative (the price-difference too is a bit significant, esp so as i dont plan to upgrade neither my PC nor the console anytime in the near-future, so the 1440p monitor would remain under-utilised as well as the GTX 1060 wont be able to push better framerates at that higher resolution at high/highest settings).

so for now my main concern is how will PS4 games look on 1440p...i mostly read people not happy about it with only very few telling they couldnt tell much difference or that they werent bothered much by it.

pls suggest..

Visual diff on 1440p(2k) would be less visible than the frame drops. Games do look good on 2k, but frames can drop by 30 35%.

So, if you are playing fps games, then get a 27 1080p monitor, since you want better fps. If you play rpg games, then 2k monitor would be better.

If you are undecided, I would auggest you get acer nitro vg270p, it is 27 1080p ips 144hz and goes for 13.5k in flipkart sale.
The ideal size for 1080p screen is 24 incher.

27 inch 1440p screen is the one to go. It may be useful , if you buy a PS5 or X box series X in the near future as well.
Yes I second this, 24 is the Max size you should go for 1080p. I have a 24 1080p, 29 ultra wide 1080p . I returned a 34 1080p as it was too pixelated that outside gaming it was horrible to use for productivity stuff. 27 16:9 has almost same pixel density as 34 ultra wide. Just don’t buy anything above 24 inch for 1080p.
thanks @avtar2008, @OnePunchMan & @Passive_audio_enthusiast. i wish to get a curved monitor this time for its touted immersion-factor & eye-comfort. want to check how it feels. also, i wont be upgrading either my PC's GPU or my consoles anytime soon (and when i do, i'll be upgrading my GPU much before i go for the new-gen consoles). and when its time to change the consoles too, i'd be putting up the 27" 1080p for sale & getting a 2k or 4k one that time. thats what i have thought.

having talked to a few owners of 27" 1080p monitors, i learnt that they didnt notice any pixelation or blurriness, and were comfortable with the PQ. and then i found out that its only after one uses/sees content on a 1440p screen is when the realisation about the subpar PPI on the 27" 1080p screen manifests, hehe. understandable. i havent seen a 27" 1440p display in-person, and would like to stay that way in/for the foreseeable future. ;)

further, an added benefit with 27" 1080p would be that my PC's GPU would probably be able to push some more frames onto the display. hoping for that.

keeping these things in mind, have shortlisted two models and now having real confusion in which one to go for - Lenovo G27c-10, or MSI Optix G27C4. :confused:
there are no benefit of curved screen, it is just in mind that it reduce some eyestrain. I have used samsung 24cfg73 in past and didnt found nything good about curved monitors.

Get a acer nitro vg270p in flipkart and amazon sale. That is best vfm product.
at 24" the curvature is even less pronounced & noticeable, may be thats why. ideally a bigger screen size is recommended for a *natively* curved display to make it significantly noticeable (32" & above), so even am not very sure. but its said that the display does look bigger than a same-sized flat one if its curved. will try to visit some store & check out any smaller curved displays if available for demo.

the acer nitro vg270p doesnt have an audio-out which i need (for my analog 5.1 speakers). dont really want to buy a separate HDMI splitter, unsure of the quality of its output. thats why in flat ones i had shortlisted the LG 27GL650.
there are no benefit of curved screen, it is just in mind that it reduce some eyestrain. I have used samsung 24cfg73 in past and didnt found nything good about curved monitors.

Get a acer nitro vg270p in flipkart and amazon sale. That is best vfm product.
At 24 inch curved doesn’t make sense as our eyes can easily get to the edges without turning the head. But with larger sizes I must say curved is a must. I find my 29 ultrawide flat screen to be bit straining due to its width. At the same time my 24 flat would is perfectly fine for any kind of use case. One of my friend has a 34 ultrawide 1440p monitor and honestly I found it to be completely the perfect solution.
is it a good idea to buy a renewed (refurbished) monitor from amazon? it though will come with only 6-month *seller*-warranty.
effective price-difference between refurbished piece & new piece is 5.5k, with the latter having the usual full 3-yrs warranty.
I have a LG 27" 4k-UHD HDR 10 Monitor model: 27UK650 as good as new for sale. Had bought it from amazon around first quarter of 2019.
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