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5.1 HT for medium sized living room, Budget 50k

Wharfedale EVO4.4


New Member
Apr 10, 2015
Hi All,

I am planning to setup 5.1 HT for a medium sized living room of around 20 X 12. I am complete nub to customized home theater concept. I am keeping a budget of 50k and planning to source the AVR from US.

My preference is more to the music than the movie experience.

Within next few weeks i will be visiting US. Based on cursory look at various posts in the forum I have zeroed onto Yamaha 377 which is quoting USD 250. I also came across Yamaha 675 which is quoting USD 329 and being a 7.2 channel AVR is a still at this price (as Yamaha discontinuing this model and has come up with 677)? Yamaha 675 also supports AirPlay which allows streaming from Apple devices so this feature is not what i am going to use.

Can i fit the speakers within remaining budget of around 30K ?

Please suggest which AVR i should go for ? Which portal offers best deals for AVRs in US ?


Well-Known Member
Nov 4, 2009
329 $ for Yamaha 675 is a very good deal.. You wont get this AVR for anything less than 50K atleast in India... Amazon.com is a good place to keep checking for good AVR's... You can also consider Pioneer AVR's which are really cheap there...

For the remaining budget of 30K or lil more if you can push, consider Sonodyne Sonus range... There are other brands, but you wont be able to get it in your budget...

You can complete 5.0 now & then add a sub-woofer later when your budget permits...

Stick to Book shelf speaker rather than a satellite speaker as i guess you prefer to balance between music and movies....