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5.1 speakers in range of up to 70k

Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker


New Member
Apr 11, 2015
hi all...

i'm based in mumbai. i'm planning to set up a home theatre. have already zeroed on the projector , screen and amp.

BenQ Home cinema 3D Projector W1070
Moterized Cinema Screen HD110" D
Marantz AV Receiver with Zone Selector SR6008

needed some wise advice regarding the speakers.

choices that have been offered to me are:

Deftech Pro Cinema 800 @88k

Telome TSNA-15AX @67k

Telome TSNA-10AX @43k

the provider is also suggestinf BIC DV3280 @ 40k
really want to go for budgeted options but not at the cost of quality.

highly confused. plz sugges


Active Member
Dec 6, 2012
Kurla, Mumbai
Get decent bookshelf speakers+center+subwoofer. Add surrounds later.
Get Bookshelf+center+subwoofer and later move bs to surrounds and get good floor standers. The telome feels a bit overpriced, i heard them while purchasing my ht and would say their marketing is completely based on their subwoofers. Even the finish is not what one would expect at this price. Also Bic is a good brand nothing wrong but they are good at making subwoofers. The f12 subwoofer comes at 32k less 5%discount.
Would like to know what is your movies:music ratio.
If movies is more say 70movies:30music would suggest you to buy polk audio rti series speakers. They excel woth movies and give very high end speakers also a run for their money. You will get true cinema experience at home. Going in for larger speakers like fs or bs would be really great and would also be reducing any stress on the subwoofer for higher frequencies. Audition polk, boston acoustics, jamo,dali,q acoustics and then you will feel the difference's in small sat+sub combos v/s bs/fs+sub separates.
As far as the avr goes, the marantz would be a reciever more suited towards music and will be a soft and calm reciever. Not that it is bad. Would recommend a denon avr as it performance for movies is really nice.
Im suggesting you the brands which you must audition yourself. If you like it only then buy. Also since you have a projector im assuming you are more into movies than music if its the other way round then marantz would be great. Any particular reason for shortlisiting the benq projector? There are other ones like optoma, epson which you can get. Mz audio is the distributor of denon, marantz, ba, epson, optoma.
Audition as many setups as you can. In the process you would understand your liking of different types of sound signatures you would prefer. Post here before buying so incase you can get anyone who knows a place you would get equipment cheaper. One place inwould recommend for buying is fairdeal electronics, near crawford market.