7 inch screen for PC-options please


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Dec 6, 2008
hello all
i amlooking fora 7 inch LCD screento usewith a home PC

the screen need not be touch screen but should be able to be connected to a regular 15pin VGA output of a pC
(i do have an S video port on my graphics card as well)

some options would be appreciated
budget 100-120$
(screen to be either availble locally or in the US)

ive come across Xenarc ( too expensive)
Iride (tooexensive)
Lilliput is in consideration

im also toying with the idea of using car audio/video headrest monitors but im not completely sure how i can connect it nor do i know if display would be good enough to browse throu movie andmusic folders

BTW " thats all the screen is reqd for ( browse throu movie and music folders and play flacs avi's iso etc)
Hey my future plan is like that only!!!
Now I got a screen from my friend .... He is in healthth equipment industry and it was salvaged from old trademill he got in exchange

Images attached
It is brand "Super" 9.8 inches screen

Unfortunatly I got only screen and adapther -no cables & Remote!

Now I chked only once and found it takes direct antenna input and it is working!

But i tried 2 AV cables -3.5 mm it was not giving any o/p...this was a year back

Now the mystery It has a socket marked as VGA which has mini usb like port!

Please can anyon tell that iy=t can be used as monitor? What type of cable it takes? anyone seen it's manual?

This type of screens are available @ Rs 3-6 K but one guy on Lam road was not able to answer my queries..The sizes range from 4 Inch to 1 INches and these are with TV Tuner.....
Frankly it is lying with me ...

So anyone can help both of us?
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umm even if it works do you think the resolution will be good enough for browsing.
i doubt
Interestingly these small lcd displays are all made by lesser known companies,Are there any Sony / Sharp/ Toshiba/Panasonic Small Scale Display (less than 14" diagonal) ??
i am a dud in computers
i dont undestand how these small displays will help in browsing to a particualr folder and pickng upthe cue file and then having the Cplay interface shown on screen

A touchscreen interface with a Windows Vista driver and software and compatible with WMPlayer and others will be outside the $150 budget.

the hitachi screens work with the opensource freeware lcdproc. and can be hacked and customized to display boot messages, system utilization and load and song being played etc LCDproc - Home

Not what you are after I guess.

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Closely following this thread. Have been looking like this for my PS3 - so that the plasma need not be on while playing music/installing stuff.
Of course one can 'remote control' the PS3 from a PSP. But I'd prefer a 'monitor' screen that can take composite video.
Hi Check this

USD 128
VGA Input & Touchsgcreen with Remote


Location : NEWAY RETAIL / PRODUCTS NAVIGATION / TouchScreen & VGA Monitor / CL7601NT

Viewed: 1689
7" VGA TFT LCD Monitor with Touchscreen

USD: 128.00

CL7601NT In stock 89 pieces


7" VGA TFT LCD Monitor with Touchscreen
CL7619N: VGA input, AV input
CL7619NT: VGA input, AV input, Touchscreen

4-wire resistive Touchscreen
VGA input: 15 pin D-SUB analog RGB interface
High resolution- up to 1024 x 768 (H x V) formatted
Automatic display adjustment
High-Brightness CCFL Backlight
4 adjustable backlight levels for daytime or night-time use
TV tuning (optional)*: PAL/NTSC/SECAM
2 RCA video inputs, Audio Input
PAL/NTSC color system
Speaker built-in
Full-function IR remote control
On Screen Display menu control (Multi-language)
Last power setting memory for choice available

Screen Size: Diagonal 7"
Dot Pixels: 800(H) x (RGB) x 480(V) = 1,152,000 (dots)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Contrast: 200:1
LCD Brightness: 400 cd/m2
Viewing Angle: 45/60(U/D), 65/65(L/R)
Operating Voltage: DC 11-13V
Power Consumption: <9W
Dimension (mm): 188W x 125H x 33D
Weight (kg): 0.43

Accessories:VGA cable 1 PC
AV cable 1 PC
Car power adapter 1 PC
12V AC/DC adapter 1 PC
Remote controller 1 PC
Touch pen 1 PC
Driver disc 1 PC
Desktop stand 1 PC
Instruction manual 1 PC
xcellent product
but frieght cost is 47$

that would make it about 180$ anyway
in that amount a branded lilliput would be better

however thanks so much for looking!
Where do you stay magma?
As I mafrom Sanpada Vashi navi mumbai
wait magma as I am thinking 3-5 K 7 -9" LCD's can be used for this purpose!
In fact I asked my friend who is in business of health equipmnt
so if not in hurry something low cost can be achivd!
Magma ur location?
Now Check today's Mumbai Mirror - Pg 29

@ 8 K In Offers they are selling 10.4" LCD TV/Computer monitor

Looks like any other chinese display...
I think many chinese displays sizes start from 4" can be used as comp display and may be sporting direct VGA connector

Any forum members any help in this regard?
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