a new tape deck


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Jan 29, 2007
so thats what i was searching for when i landed in this forum.

i want to buy a good (and new) dual tape deck before they completely disappear from market. i've zeroed down to marantz sd4051, teac (W-860R), Sony TC-WE475. any idea where i can get marantz or teac in india? sony is last choice. i'm based in pune. called up several shops in bombay (soundsmith, profx, nova audio etc.) and antrax tech in bangalore, but they couldn't help.

had to become a member to post my query. hifivision should allow guest members to post (i think). anyways now that i'm here here's a suggestion: how about creating a 'tape/cassette' section under AV sources?

thanks for your time and patience.
Welcome to the forum javed!

Regarding your Marantz SD 4051 query. I suggest you call Riviera International/Sound Advice - they are the distributors of Energy and Athena speakers here in India. I think they are also the distributors of Marantz in the professional arena (not sure). Contact number in Bombay is (22) 2380 0555. Ask for Rajesh - he's the owner. If they don't carry the item you need he should be able to point you in the right direction.

Prices of Hi-Fi equipment here in India is tendentially higher compared internationally. That's why I get most of my stuff from abroad.
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