Aritas Vs Dyna 52

If extra bass is your overriding criterion, then there are plenty of cheap speakers that go Bhung, Bhung, & Bhuuuunnng!
What matters is the quality of bass, how well controlled it is.What matters is the balance of sound across the spectrum-that is what will give you pleasure, not just the bang of the bass day in day out.
Plz redifine your expectations
So far as cables are concerned, you must have cables designed for audio purposes.
I am using interconnects & speaker cables designed by Lyrita Audio of Delhi-they are very good & the price is also affordable.
I'm sure there are other home grown cables which will serve the purpose well.
You should choose with care ,effort & consideration
Yes Kamal, Its TRUE, a lot of cheap speakers go Bhum.... but personally I need a liitle more bass for my liking than the Aritas have (which the Dynas do).
A lot of good stuff said and written on the Aritas on this forum but are there really any owners out there? ;)
Anybody who has owned a pair of Cadence over the years and willing to share their experiences? What about the Price.
BTW Unleash_me what price are the MA GS 10?
Hey 2LE,
I too heard the Aritas a few months ago and compared them to the Dynas, B&W, Epos, Mission, MA RS1 (not GS 10) etc. I second Kamal on QUALITY of bass Vs QUANTITY of bass. Let me put it this way...they are not party speakers.;)
What did I finally buy? Nothing yet:eek:
I am in a similar delimma. But the kind of music I listen too (hip hop, smooth jazz, lounge, bollywood movies) the dynes sounded better. But the aritas have very good tonality and imaging. For your kind of music I would guess aritas will be better. BTW which amp do u have?
I listen to Retro, Clasical Rock and a little of everything once in a while. Would appreciate any inputs to compare these speakers in terms of sound, built and price. (the problem is that they both sound good :confused:)

You are welcome to audition the ARITAs at
The Listening Room in Bangalore
Cell: 9845534952

do you prefer the 52 to the Cadence ??

I wish it were doing those circles in my living room :(

That is strange;
You actually prefer the 'new' Dnes to the Cadence ?

Dynaudio use to be a great loudspeaker maker in the 80 & then in the early 90's. Once the 'merketing team' started to dictate 'terms' & 'designs' to Mr. Mark Thorup it was all over !!!!:confused:

Dynaudio was a serious speaker maker - I have very ver high regard for them [well actually had]. They have lost focus. Started to make speakers that can be driven by tubes [not that I do not like tubes] but that is not what Dynaudio was all about;

If you prefer Dynaudio - so be it !! I just prefer the Cadence to Dynaudio.

sorry !

:eek: No, no, no. I meant to say "I wish I were the owner of a Cadence speaker." :D

Oh Oh !

I am sorry;

I was under the impression that you preferred the Dynaudio to the Cadence.

Actually, I have auditioned most Dynaudio speakers - except the 'sapphire' That I need to listen to.

This may sound very very strange, but imho Dynaudio makes the best [yes] amplifier in the whole wide world !!
It is a speaker company, but its electronics are better. I have not heard a better amplifier than the Arbiter [pre and power] !!! Period !!
This is the only time when I actually liked the Dynaudio Master Evidence.
I have heard it 4 times in different places & it only sounded good with the 'arbiter' !!!
Strange - speaker company makes a 'referance' level electronics [amplification] !!!! :eek:
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