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Sep 20, 2008
I have read good reviews about the Axiom home theater but havent heard much about them. Can anyone help me? And are they available in our country
What speakers are you looking at specifically?

I own a pair of M60s L/R and a M2 (C) and QS8s for surrounds.

I believe they are one of the best bang for the buck speakers. I was lucky to have gotten a free upgrade to high gloss cherry finish. Absolutely gorgeous.

They are internet direct and have an ebay store.

The customer service is phenomenol and have a 30 days no qustions asked return policy (you cover the shipping though). They ahve "Free" shipping (as you might guess they cover the costs in their pricing a bit). But the catch is Indian customs and taxes. You will end up paying > 50% of the original cost.

I aboslutely love my set and don't plan to upgrade at all. If you look around, QS8s are rated the best surrounds available today (this is not biased). They are heavy though but well worth it for 5.1 surround effects.

I woudl also suggest for you to look at Ascend Acoustics, Definitive Technologies, AV123, SV Sound as they are in the same mould as Axiom Audio. All these brands beat speakers twice the price of Polk or Klipsch or any ones from retailers (I am not causing a flame war, but based on hours and hours of audition).
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QS8's are highly regarded.

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Heard good if not great things about this canadian company. Alan loft is very knowledgable you can find some of his videos on youtube.

Bang for the buck but once you pay 50% in indian customs cant really say. But great reviews. People say sound tends to be on the brighter side marking every detail.
I have M50/VP150/QS8/EP350 in a 25 x 15 HT room being driven by a Denon 3806 and am extremely happy with them. I primarily use this system for movies and they are a blast. For 2CH stereo music (with sub off), I wish I had picked up the M60/M80 for mains instead of the M50 - but turn on the sub and the limitations disappear. Overall they definitely sound as good or in some cases better than systems that cost significantly more.

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Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers in Red Mahogany finish at a Special Offer Price. BUY now before the price increase.