baffle step compensation or subwoofer?

If you are really looking for a genuine speaker, consider at least a sealed 3-way with driver alignment leading to time and phase accuracy and using first order cross-over with mid-range driver 4.5 - 6" and at least a 8" woofer. This kit does not look like meeting these requirements and so I feel a 3-way with subwoofer may be the way to go.
Just an opinion.


some sort of a mental block i have about 2.5 systems -

2.0 systems sound thin when well out in the room (but clear) and when close to the back wall, sound bass-bloated (slow) and lose (desirable) clarity.

with the addition of (identical) lower woofer for baffle step compensation/baffle diffraction loss, the sound become "filled-out" and thunder really rolls like thunder.

If, in the 2.0 system, the thunder sounds distant, in the 2.5 system it gets much closer.

this is the reason, i suppose, that i equate the .5 with a subwoofer, even though it is not.

the 2.0 system + subwoofer sounds remarkably similar to a 2.5 system, albeit in two very different rooms (2.0 in my house and the 2.5 in a friend's)

looked at the humble home-made hifi, and those tony gee designs are great, but obviously expensive, and i do not suppose those focal drivers are available anymore.
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