Banana plug from Amazon


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Jul 17, 2020
Dear FMs,
I have connected AVR and speakers using wires provided from vendor. Wires were peeled by him and I have simply connected .
For better connection I was thinking of using Banana plugs from

Which one is good plz suggest?
On this forum, you will get differing views from people on cables , banana plugs etc.

All, I am saying is that I am using these plugs in my home office stereo system, and they work absolutely fine.
But then, my 50 year old ears cannot detect differences between banana plugs :)

My personal recco - yes go for these. No need for costlier options.
I did tried few banana plugs in past and settled with bare wires. Reason is simple, sound quality changes and there is no point if you are using costlier speaker wires. Now some banana plugs may have made of good quality material and they can sound balanced. Still it can affect soundstage, depth ,timing .May be better or poorer. Let other FMs share any good banana plugs which do not alter sound quality.
I am presently using bare wires tightened with screws. Is that better from contact point of view. Do we use banana for convenience? Does it provide better contact than a bare cable?
Most cheaper banana plugs are made of iron with various coatings. Amazon Basics plugs are totally magnetic. Pointless to use them as a termination on a pure copper cable. Use bare wire and clean the wire ends every 6 months to 1 year.
Plugs are only for convenience, not quality.
IMO go for a good quality banana plugs or just stick to bare wires.
I was using the same banana plugs from amazon but have got rid of them.
I use banana plugs which cost around rs 20 each on my stereo and they work very well. I wouldn't overthink this unless you have a really high end set up
If in doubt, use bare wires, but clean the contact points once in a while as someone else has suggested here. Banana plugs can come in handy if you have the luxury of multiple pairs of speakers and you switch them often.
Thanks everyone. For now I will stick to bare wires. My only doubt is how good a contact is made when using bare wires.
I notice that even after tightening the screws it can move . Also there is a chance of shorting.
the main advantage of your banana plugs is the convenience - for me personally. I have all my wires terminated with banana plugs because I am lazy, not because of any substantial sound gains. I have used the amazon basic, dhivis, monoprice and mediabridge (not the same models in all). I prefer Media Bridge because they do not oxidise after very long period too, all others do - I live in GOA so that might be a reason. I agree that the bare wire is perhaps the best.
My dealer has given cables with the speakers.These are labeled as stackfine OFC (made in taiwan).
Could be these.

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