Be careful of Indian DVDs

Absolute Phase

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Jul 25, 2006
Hi! Guys,

In the span of a week three clients of mine have faced this problem:-

All new indian DVDs have a stupid sticker right in the middle of the DVD. When you remove it, the surface is still sticky & because of this the DVD gets stuck to the centre puck on any player.

When you eject the tray, the DVD is already stuck and the tray is empty, many customers think the tray is empty and insert another DVD/CD adding more problems and the player wont play.

Hence pls make sure you clean the area where the sticker is with a soapy solution to remove the stickiness.


Thanks for telling us Prithvi. Although I am one of those whose DVD playesr got ruined thanks to the foolishness of the Indian DVD companies. Guess they lack common sense!
Yes Cyrus,

We have the best dulication plants for DVDs in India, still we compromise on the quality of the medium as well as the recording. Looks like there is no one technical who has some common sense. Again another customer of mine had the same problem yesterday.


To stick any kind of non releasable sticker on DVDs and CDs is a show of Absolute Stupidity by Indian Companies.
Well, dunno, why no one has looked into this or done something on the same, as this seems to be a common issue, they can easily make the changes in the packaging
To top it, DVD rental companies stick their own barcode stickers on the discs. As a result the DVDs become unbalanced and do not play properly...sometimes refusing to play at all!
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