Best TV of 2021 (Shootout) - LG G1, Panasonic JZ2000, Philips 936, Samsung QN95A vs. Sony A90J

It's interesting to see how the same pannel can display differently under different assembly/processor/algorithm. Panel is just part of the story.
Seems to be very close between the panasonic and the sony.

However since neither are available here in India, we are left with only the G1 to buy.
Yeah given the fact that these are all top and best Tv’s for 2021 any improvements should be marginal. All will have excellent picture quality.
Not surprised by the result. I did expect the Panasonic to edge out the Sony but that did not happen. Sony do seem to have an edge when it comes to picture processing.
For most the 48 inch C1 for 91k and 55 inch C1 for 118k will give more than 95% of these TOTL TV at a fraction of the cost. Plus these have good availability throughout India.
@lightgamer - Isnt this what you were waiting for? Any updated thoughts?
Wait, 48" C1 OLED is available at 91k with 55" at 118k! That's amazing and I'm super tempted. Let me go to my nearest LG retailer and confirm that in a couple of days.

LG also announced the C2 42" though and I'm super tempted with that instead of the 48". 52" will be near perfect size for me, so if I can't get at these prices I'll wait a few months.
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