Beware !! The ANACONDA's coming !!


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Sep 23, 2007
Hi Guys,

This is big daddy of all the Speaker Cables that I've done,Hence Am calling them "THE ANACONDA" ( as it needs a special attention,Am starting a new thread instead of putting it in my existing one !!)

This has taken time then any other projects that I've done and not to mention the Money.
This cable has 3 pairs of 16 gauge wire in total,3 wires per side (i,e + and -)

The geometry is very unique,I've braided 3 wires first and put them in a heat shrink tube,then same with the other 3. Then I've twisted them in regular fashion (normal twisted pair) then put them again into another heat shrink tube !! finally the nylon braiding !

The purpose of the triple shielding is to cut the maximum capacitance and inductance as possible. The total thickness of the cable is staggering 22MM (almost an Inch) so you can imagine how hard it will be to work with them ! thats also one of the reason for me to name them "THE ANACONDA"

I've tried to measure the Values but the damn thing is soo less that my meter refuses to measure them !! so currently I cannot attach any spec. will do so in due time( or atleast when get hold of a meter that can measure)

The ends I've left it just soldered,Am searching for a good banana plugs to put,or else thinking of connecting directly to the AMP and Speaker Terminal !!

If I've missed anything please do let me know !! I'll update it.





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So what do we call you now, Anaconda's daddy :D

Well, very nice mate. Really cool! What about the performance? And where are you testing/applying them?

Unfortunately No you can't (Am not fat enough to called:p) ! Am very thin :D

Anyway Thanks a ton for dropping by !! Am currently testing it with my Rig (NAD power Block with Technics CDP) I've also asked sridhar to Audition it and give me feedback.

Here I'd like announce to all the interested members that the Cable's can be Auditioned in your place (if mine is not ok with you) with your existing set-up !!

All I want is a honest feedback thats all !! first stage will be bangalore (as its easier for to travel) then we can work out something for other city membres ( I can sent to one of the members and after he's done he can subsequently send it to others ) finally back to me in the original condition :D ( No tampering allowed :p)

So interested members can contact me (PM me post it here however you feel comfortable)

Impressive ANACONDA's......great job. Yes i am interested in your Cables, like to Audition soon.

Regards, Anil
Maybe you should call it Hydra since it has 3 cables per line. Or Helix due to its shape. I think spades will be better than banana plugs as I found they do not always fit as snugly in all equipment.

What changes in sound have you noticed yourself from the cables you were using before?
Thanks Anil for the comments !! Please let me know when you would like to do it (not this sunday as I've already fixed-up).Where do you stay Anil ?

One Member On board !! who else ??

May be next saturday, i am located @ J.P Nagar 7th phase.... I would like to audition your back loaded horn speakers too...


Thanks Anil for the comments !! Please let me know when you would like to do it (not this sunday as I've already fixed-up).Where do you stay Anil ?

One Member On board !! who else ??


Thanks Particleman for the suggestions !! Yes I could call it that,but I just wanted a catchy name and some excitement so called it this !! Helix I think is already used by VDH so I think its unusable. Couldn't agree with you more Spades does do the rather neatly then banana plugs(But at the Amp end it also some times create problem),but the problem is no good spades available at decent prices (Am not interested in paying 600-800 per spade from monster or 400-600 for Audioquest),so only just left it soldered .

The sound I cannot comment much as the cable is new and hardly burnt (2hours max till now) so once it burns then probably I can tell.

Any how as it is,The sound was much wider and the sound stage was much more open,The highs were precise and mids were really open and full throated the bass was just right with accuracy. have to listen it some more and test it some to finally say anything concretely !!

Thats why I've invited you guys to check it out and give feedbacks,So far sridhar and Anil are interested,so lets see how many more will join !!

You are right, Anaconda is a very catchy name! I have not been able to find good, well-priced spades/plugs either so am connecting directly at amp end. I am using DAC banana plugs but they are not a very good fit. I find QED plugs at 500 each are too pricey. Eagerly waiting to hear the report after the cable has made the rounds and the feedback comes to us.
Hi Particleman/Soundsgreat,
Good quality spades are Transparent @ 200/- per peice and good solid banana plug is Kimber SBAN @ 250/- peice in my opinion at Lakozy and AVI respectively.
I have tried many fancy looking/gold plated/expensive connectors but i cant really say they outperform these. Of course a 1200/- per peice WBT is a super sound contact but then the cost factor!!
I personally prefer a Banana at the Amp end and spades at the speaker end.
Had bought a dozen each from NY years ago and had tried a lot of DIY cables but finally just sold off all connectors,cables and the lot last year to a DIY enthusiast.

Thanks dinyaar,Alas its not available in bangalore. yes particleman you are right I too checked them out and didn't like it,so only still searching for some..

Hey what kinda cables you home brewed dinyaar ?? let me know please .

Dear Soundsgreat,
Well these DIY experiments of Equalizer, ICS and Speaker cables were done in very different times. I mean when nothing much was available here and also my finances were very tight.
I had bought residual cables from bulk reels from Jenving in london and made tons of ICS,speaker cables and power cords for myself and some friends. I still have some of them and i still use my home cooked ICS for my Tape deck.
Decent solder,good heat shrinks, connectors, cheap 12/14/16 gauge wire is all available here in mumbai so its easy on the DIY guy.

Thanks for checking out my post !! The Heat shrink tube is available in SP Road,Checkout there and as with the Nylon braid,Its not available off the shelf in SP Road may have to order, I buy the Heat Shrink and nylon braid directly from an importer (as I usually Buy in Bulk,He wont sell loose or less quantity) Try it out if have difficulty in getting let me know,I'll see what I can do !!

By the way If I may ask ? whats the plan buddy ??

I have been wanting to try out speaker cable with Cat5 network cable. I needed it for that. Plus, I am making amps also. So when I connect the output transistors on the heatsink and solder wires, I need heatshrink tubing for good insulation. Regular heatproof sleeves come off and there is a risk of shorts.


Vivek Best of the luck for your new amp (please do let me know what kinda amp you are cooking or better yet start a thread in DIY !).

As with the Cat5 Cable,I'd strongly recommend against it !! It has a very high capacitance and its single stand and more over there are 4 pairs of wire. If you read my DIY speaker cable thread you'll what exactly capacitance and other things will do or matter in speaker cable !! and also why 4 pairs is not good !!.Unless and Untill you have absolute knowledge bout the Subject (i,e Speaker cables and how,what to use for it etc) I can vouch for it you'll fail in getting decent sound from it ( sorry if I sound rude),I my self tried various braiding types with Cat5 cable and till now have very liitle success with it !! Also I know the bigwigs of the game who have tried without much success !!

The main problem is bass !! it just dies with this cable !! just in comparison with normal speaker cable the Cat5 will give 30 % less bass !! this is just the tip of the Ice-Berg !!

Thats why I asked whats the plan in my last post !! So i'd say stay away from it.

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