Black friday sales in US grab it

for shipping use vpost

VPOSTUSA is a service provided by Singapore Post, which allows you to shop at eligible and multiple U.S Merchant websites* at the same time and have your items delivered to your India address. With vPOSTUSA service, you save much more as the shipping charges offered are lower than most international shipping providers and you can purchase items from sites that do not accept International Orders!
any updates from 20north on black fri deals?

Edit: I saw the link on their site and I am exploring it. At times the site doesn't load up.
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Once can order Blu Rays directly from Amazon. The Black Friday sales are going for lesser than 10$, so one can bunch them and ship them directly to India and dont have to go through 20North.

I have done this for DVD's so I guess it will work for Blu Rays too.
Many of us first need to grab a blu ray player before thinking of discs. :lol:
The fact that my PS3 is region c does not help much either.
Is anybody aware of good black friday deals on Vinyls? I am very much interested to procure some.
It seems there ia black friday sell in stock market as well. With this new Dubai story unfolding can we grab cheap a/v gear in that region?:D
some of the black friday deals have been :licklips:

amazon has been having really good deals on video games on a hourly basis.

those guys have it good - heavy discounts on already reasonable prices. what do we get during festive shopping ?? nominal discounts/crappy 'gifts'/lucky draws :mad:
Computer Warehouse in Barton Centre offers a 1TB Seagate for 4100, so I think a 1.5TB at this price is a good buy. If it is available here at this price, I might be interested in knowing where-I may want one more.
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