Blaupunkt SBW600: Any quality reviews?


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Oct 9, 2020

Does anyone have any opinion on Blaupunkt SBW600? At first I thought it was some local brand but it seems like a good old company. Sadly there are only a handful of reviews on youtube and that too Indian youtubers with sorry state of reviews. So it is very hard to get an idea of what the sound quality would be like.

I am only looking at entry level 5.1 soundbars with wireless rear speakers. So would be curious to know any comparison against Sony HT-S500RF, Samsung Q60T/XL, Sony HT-S40R or Samsung HW-A670/XL. Price difference between these options is not an issue or consideration.
Blaupunkt are very well known for their car audio systems.
I’m sure they would dabble into other consumer stuff but dont think its their forte.

Would recommend you go for Sony.
I believe Blaupunkt was sold to some Chinese company so not the old company anymore..

Hearing good things about samsung also across various or samsung
These are decent speakers. but they are good until they get stuck with any problems. as servicing them is a pain
Well, i was looking for an actual review. I guess we do not have one at this time. Objectively speaking that means it means taking a risk to go with Blaupunkt and I do agree with the opinion that a better reviewed option would be a safer choice.

I would still keep looking for some time, not sure when I will pull the trigger. I was about to buy one during covid and things happened and here we after 1.5 years still without a soundbar. :/
Does anyone have any opinion on Blaupunkt SBW600?
I don't have any opinion on that particular product.
As some others have said, this isn't the good old German Blaupunkt car audio brand we all know and love. They are now Chinese owned and while there is nothing wrong with that (The Chinese can design and produce excellent products), the products now being sold under this brand are junk.

Avoid like the plague. You have a lot of quality options from more established players such as Sony, LG, etc
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