Blu-ray with HD sound Demo in Mumbai


Sep 23, 2007
Hi All
Here we discuss a lot about Blu-ray but how many guys actually see a BD player in full glory?
I am ashamed to admit but Ive not seen like see some very shot demos connected to 42 FHD LCD but what I want to experience 7.1 HD Sound ie Dolby True HD & DTS Full HD 7.1
So Mumbai buddies can you pinpoint any showroom showcasing this? To be honest I want to experience
1) Effects of Blu-ray on FHD LCD & FHD 1020 p Projector
2) HI Definition Sound
3) Anyone remember any showroom demonstrating same clip in Dolby True HD ,DTS HD vs older DTS & Dolby Digital ? Or same clip on Blu-ray and then DVD ??
I am stressing more on sound as Ive experienced HD video (Ive got 1080 P LCD & WDTV.
So guys any place in Mumbai where I can have demo? ( If anyone is giving at his place that is welcome and thanks in advance! )But I want demo od BD with Full Hi Def Video and Sound on BD disk ! not on up scaled DVD!
Demo places in other towns also welcome as it will benefit other members!

P.S. from site - Blu-ray FAQ
The correct full name is Blu-ray Disc, not Blu-ray Disk (incorrect spelling)
The correct shortened name is Blu-ray, not Blu-Ray (incorrect capitalization) or Blue-ray (incorrect spelling)
The correct abbreviation is BD, not BR or BRD (wrong abbreviation)
Hey buddies no responce - are there no Blu Ray Demoes in Mumbai? With all HD Video and Audio bells and whisles?
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