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Bollywood Crypt (Horror movie & Pulp)

Project Turntables


Mar 10, 2013
'BOLLYWOOD CRYPT’ is the first of its kind company that primarily focuses on promoting the criminally ignored Indian and South Asian horror movie genre.Bollywood Crypt not only focuses just on horror, but also focuses on Indian and South Asian pop culture (comics, books, art, movies, etc) and brings them out from the "crypts" of time so to speak!

While Bollywood horror cinema is little known compared to its more distinguished Hollywood cousin, Indian horror movies have still caught the fancy and attention of a sizable following among underground cinema fans world-wide. Take for example veteran Bollywood horror film makers -The Ramsay Brothers. After their golden run in the 70's and 80's, they languished in obscurity during the 2000's and in the eyes of the modern Indian cinema goer. But they were just getting noticed by their US and European counterparts. Mondo Macabro, a U.K-based movie company founded by author and director Pete Tombs (Immoral Tales/Eurotika) released 6 Ramsay movies on three DVD volumes titled The BollywoodHorror Collection I,II and III which were distributed world-wide. With in no time, these DVDs flew off their online store and shelves and today a single copy of these DVDs sells for not less than 150 US$ second hand! It's almost impossible to track down an unopened copy without paying an incredible amount of money. Today modern Indian horror movies like Tummbad, Pari and Ghoul are being screened at film festivals and big online streaming services across the world and it's definitely a fresh breath of air from the usual Ram Gopal Varma and Vikram Bhatt fare that Indian audiences have been accustomed to.

With the recent passing away of veteran horror film maker Tulsi Ramsay and Shyam, it becomes even more important to memorialize these films from the past before they are lost forever and it's precisely this cinematic history that Bollywood Crypt intends to preserve! Prior to Mr. Ramsay's passing, Bollywood Crypt tied up with ‘TULSI RAMSAY PRODUCTIONS’ and ‘RAMSAY HOUSE OF HORROR’ as their exclusive merchandiser and obtained rights for classic Indian horror movies such as ‘Veerana’, ‘Bandh Darwaza’, ‘Purana Mandir’, ‘Mahakaal’, 'Saamri' and more.Bollywood Crypt recently put out its first release - Veerana. Veerana or The Wilderness as some may know is a legendary Indian horror movie from the late 1980's. Directed by then kings of horror, the infamous Ramsay brothers, this movie has become a cult classic and an important milestone of Indian cinema. All our artwork has been created by foreign artists such as Slasher Dave, Brian Van der Pol and Kramer among others who have been working with the Hollywood/Independent movie scenes. One can expect T-shirts, flags, posters, enamel pins, beer and coffee mugs, coozies, tote bags and more such exciting merchandise printed with artwork. Future designs will continued to be made by more such foreign and local artists.

However the proverbial buck doesn't stop there. Bollywood Crypt has just acquired the rights to Lollywood's (Pakistan's/Lahore's oldest film industry) first and only vampire movie "Zinda Laash" aka "Dracula in Pakistan" and Zibahkhaana, Pakistan's first extreme horror and zombie film. We are currently also negotiating rights for other cult movies world wide.
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