Bose : Did i take a Right Descion ?


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Aug 22, 2008
Hey Guys

I just brought a BOSE Acoustimass® 16(not 15) Series III Home Entertainment Speaker System + 2 standing Universral Stands from a friend who sold it to me for 30K (obviously used for 2 yrs)

If u add 2 original price of all the system 68K(15 series) + 10K (stand) + 5.5K (Ceiling Brackets) + 13K (upgrade speker kit) to make it 16 series i.e Total =96K

Also he sold me his Yamaha RX-V2300 Natural Amplifier for abt 15K (actual price may be around 28K)

Total Cost of HT =45 K for the total Home Theather System,all in good workign conditions

How do u rate this deal ?? although the deal is already done .. i need to know from u techie guys did i take a Right Desicion ?
Well i wont ridicule / bash bose products as thats an old topic and been done everywhere for ages.
In my opinion this set up of yours will be decent and enjoyable with movies but mediocre when u listen to music.

The Yamaha 2300 is a good receiver.

Regarding the Bose, unfortunately, you will never get a good word from anyone who considers himself 'knowledgeable' in music. That does not stop Bose from selling oodles of their systems round the world. The issue with Bose is that he does not get his product professionally reviewed and refuses to give any specs of his system. He seems to have aligned himself against all professional reviewers around the world. If you look at the information on the AM 16 in Bose's site, you will find very little information excepting dimensions and a lot of sales talk.

With Bose there are always two sets of people - you either hate it or you love it.

The Yamaha should drive the Bose well for movies.

What you should do is:

(1) Set up the system and start using it and enjoy movies immediately.
(2) Try a few music CDs you like and see how the music sounds to you.
(3) After a little while, see if you can borrow a pair of bookshelf speakers from a friend of yours. Or ask a dealer to allow you to audition them at home with your equipment. Connect these to the Front R&L sockets of the receiver and listen to the (preferably same) music again. See if you can use a 12 or 16 gauge OFC speaker cables of a good brand. I am assuming you are using the speaker cables that come with Bose.

If you like the new sound better, you can have a combination of the Bose for movies and a pair of bookshelves for music. If you do not find any difference, just keep the Bose and enjoy both movies and music on it.

You have a complete HT system for 45K and that is an excellent deal by itself.

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